I Carry: Glock G19 Gen5 MOS Pistol in a C&G Holster

In today's "I Carry" we have a Glock G19 Gen5 MOS pistol in a C&G holster with a Crimson Trace red-dot sight.

posted on November 12, 2021

Firearm: Glock G19 Gen5 MOS (MSRP: $745)

There’s a lot to unpack in just the name: Glock G19 Gen5 MOS. We all know the Austrian polymer-frame, striker fired pistol manufacturer, of course, and the G19 model has become somewhat of a benchmark for concealed carry. The size of the G19 isn’t terribly difficult to conceal, while still giving enough real estate for good support-hand placement that makes the G19 easier to shoot than smaller offerings.

The Gen5 part of the designation tells us that the pistol has Glock’s updated trigger, ambidextrous slide stop, interchangeable backstraps and rounded, beveled corners for ease in reholstering. Finger grooves no longer grace the grip, giving an immediate clue to the generation of this particular model, as do the forward slide serrations. Glock’s proprietary nDLC finish on the barrel and slide offers greater wear protection, while the new Marksman barrel offers enhanced rifling for greater accuracy.

Lastly, the MOS, Modular Optics System, allows a wide variety of red-dot options to be added to the G19 using a series of plates. Four plates come with the MOS system: Docter/Meopta, RMR, C-More and Leupold DeltaPoint. Aftermarket plates for optics not covered are available. The advantage of the MOS system is that it allows for a variety of optics; should you decide to change your optic for any reason, it’s a fairly simple process. One note, though: If your optic has a battery in the bottom of the unit, or if you think you might swap red dots, you might want to consider torqueing the screws down rather than using Loctite, simply for ease down the road. Torque specifications vary from optic to optic, so some sleuthing may be required.

Another advantage of the Glock G19 is that its popularity makes it exceedingly simple to find aftermarket parts and gear – I’d argue it’s in the top three most popular guns for which holsters are available, for example. Spare magazines, replacement sights and many other upgrades are available should you desire to improve upon perfection…

Holster: C&G OWB Tactical Kydex Pistol Holster Custom (MSRP: $84.99)

In keeping with the wide variety of gear available for the G19 is the C&G Holsters OWB Tactical Kydex Pistol Holster - Custom we have for this setup. While the holster we have today is custom-made to fit a Crimson Trace weapon-mounted light and laser combination, models exist for numerous other weaponlights as well as for the G19 itself. With solid kydex construction, 1.75-inch belt loop attachments and a medium sweatguard, the OWB Tactical keeps your G19 secure and ready.

Adjustable for ride height, the OWB Tactical also features single-screw adjustable retention to ensure your pistol is secure. As part of the “custom,” a dizzying variety of color combinations, attachment methods and sweat guard sizes can be chosen. Other features like mounted optics, suppressor-height sights and threaded barrels can also be factored into your custom holster, and all models are available for right- or left-handed shooters.

Optic: Crimson Trace RAD Pro red dot (MSRP: $299)

Mounted to the G19 MOS is one of the new Crimson Trace red-dot optics. This model is the RAD Pro with the red dot (green is available at a slightly higher price), and “RAD” stands for “Rapid Aiming Device” – it’s not just a throwback to the ‘90s. Crimson Trace has taken its red dots to the next level with multi-coated glass, large optic window, 3-MOA dot and an ambient light sensor that automatically adjusts brightness levels to match light intensity. Outdoors, the dot brightens, while in low-light condition the brightness decreases to match the lower light. There’s a lockout feature, too, if you prefer to adjust brightness manually. The RAD Pro red uses the Docter footprint for mounting, and additional footprints are rumored to be in the works.

Other features of interest include rugged 7075 aluminum construction and a top strap designed to deflect force if dropped on the optic. There’s a top-access battery compartment so you can change the CR1632 battery without having to remove the optic, as well as textured sides to assist in charging the pistol using the optic as a point of contact. At a writer’s event at Gunsite Academy, we ran these optics through a variety of indoor and outdoor scenarios, with targets from 3 yards to 100 yards with exceptional results. In the bright Arizona sun or in dimly lit shoothouses, the dots were easy to acquire. Countless hundreds of rounds were fired through more than a dozen identical G19s with RAD Pro dots, and all units performed without incident.


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