I Carry: Glock G19 Gen5 MOS Pistol With Holosun Red Dot Sight

Today on "I Carry" we have a Glock G19 Gen5 MOS pistol with a Holosun red-dot sight.

posted on July 8, 2022

Firearm: Glock G19 Gen5 MOS (MSRP: $745)

We’re taking another look at the Glock G19 Gen5 MOS pistol for a number of reasons. First, it’s certainly one of the most popular handguns for concealed carry, and the fifth generation offers the best take yet on the compact Glock. With forward cocking serrations, interchangeable backstraps, beveled edges and an updated trigger, the Gen5 is the most ergonomic version yet of Glock’s mid-size 9 mm pistol.

The G19’s size places it squarely in the middle of the handgun pack, so to speak. It’s large enough to allow a full, three-finger grip with plenty of room for the support hand in addition to 15-round capacity, while at the same time doing so in a size that’s still quite concealable. Overall length is 7.3 inches, the barrel is 4 inches long and weight is 23.8 ounces unloaded. There’s a reason a good number of handguns aimed at the concealed carry market have quite similar dimensions.

One of the big reasons we’re revisiting the Glock G19 Gen5 MOS, though, is the aftermarket. There’s no denying that Glock is one of the heavy hitters in the aftermarket community—it’s rare to find a holster maker that doesn’t offer a fit for the G19, for instance. When it comes to upgraded components, Glock is right up there with the 1911, the AR-15 and the 10/22. We’ve covered the Radian Weapons RamJet match-grade barrel and Afterburner micro-compensator previously, and have two new components today.

First is the Striker Control Device replacing the slide plate. First offered by Tau Development Group, and now by Langdon Tactical, the Striker Control Device, or SCD, is a simple mechanical device intended to serve as an additional level safety. When reholstering, simply place the strong hand thumb over the SCD. That’s it. Should something get into the trigger guard, the SCD will move under your thumb, alerting you to the problem. It’s exactly the same idea as placing your thumb on the back of a revolver’s exposed hammer or the hammer of a DA/SA semi-automatic.

The second item is needed for the red-dot sight chosen. C&H Precision Weapons offers plates for many modular optics systems, including the Glock MOS.

Holster: Mission First Tactical Ambidextrous Appendix/IWB/OWB holster (MSRP: $49.99)

To carry the Glock G19 with aftermarket components and a red-dot sight, we’ve turned to the Ambidextrous Appendix/IWB/OWB holster from Mission First Tactical. As the name implies, this holster can be used by both right- and left-handed shooters either inside or outside the waistband simply by changing the position of the polymer belt clip. Should the holster be worn inside the waistband, the cant can be changed 15 degrees to swap between appendix-style with a straight drop or IWB.

Single-sheet kydex construction, screw-adjustable retention, a generous optics cut and an open muzzle design mean the Ambidextrous Appendix/IWB/OWB holster from Mission First Tactical covers a lot of ground for the concealed-carry practitioner. If you’re looking for one holster that can perform a multitude of tasks, this is definitely one for consideration.

Optic: Holosun HE507K X2 (MSRP: $341.16)

Holosun’s HE507K X2 sight is designed with micro 9 mm double-stack pistols in mind, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a great choice for the Glock G19. With the C&H plate, it can easily be mounted on a Compact size pistol like the G19, with a noticeable benefit: The HE507K X2 doesn’t overhang the Glock slide like standard-size pistol-slide-mounted red dots tend to do. This means less chance of the optic catching on garments, belts, etc. during the drawstroke, and at the very minimal loss in viewing window.

Holosun’s HE507K X2 offers a 2-MOA dot with a 32-MOA circle and can be cycled through all three combinations (dot-only, circle-only, circle and dot). Lock Mode allows the brightness buttons to be locked out, preventing accidental changes in LED level, while the Shake Awake feature turns the dot on with any motion. Ten daylight and 2 night-vision settings are available, while a single CR1632 battery can power the HE507K X2 for up to 50,000 hours.


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