First Look: New Bushnell Rimfire Riflescopes

posted on May 10, 2021

Bushnell is a leader in performance optics for a variety of applications, and now they are adding two new models to their lineup of dedicated of rimfire riflescopes. These new scopes are specifically designed for .22 LR rifles, making them ideal for varmint and small game hunting, as well as for plinking and recreational shooting.

The new riflescopes are available in a 3-9x40 mm configuration with DZ22 reticles with one model that features an illuminated reticle option. The DZ22 reticle was specifically designed for .22 LR rimfire ballistics and has drop points out to 125 yards. The illuminated reticle provides shooters with improved visibility in low light and low contrast shooting environments. The illuminated reticle model comes standard with an “off” position between each intensity setting so users do not have to return to zero and lose their preferred intensity every time they're finished using the illumination.

Both models come equipped with glass enhancements for improved performance, faster target acquisition and more accurate shooting. Standard features on both riflescopes include multi-coated surfaces, one-piece tube design and a large 40mm objective for more clarity, improved resolution and a large exit pupil. Both riflescopes can also be used with the Bushnell Ballistic App, giving rimfire shooters precise data on scope adjustments.

The capped turrets on the scopes protect the shooters’ windage and elevation settings in the field, while the lightweight and waterproof sealed aircraft-grade aluminum construction protects the entire scope from the elements. The 3-9x40 mm rimfire riflescopes are IPX7 rated and have been designed to get the most out of rimfire rifle shooting no matter what weather conditions you encounter.

MSRP for the 3-9x40 mm rimfire riflescope with standard DZ22 reticle is $149.95 and the illuminated DZ22 reticle model has an MSRP of $179.95. For more information about these products or other gear from Bushnell, please visit


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