Optical [r]Evolution

Ironically, sometimes less power can be just what you need in a riflescope.

Understanding Optical Parallax

That parallax adjustment dial probably doesn't work like you think it does.

2023 New Optics Guide: Riflescopes

Long-range scopes have been around since Day Zero of rifle optics. Here's some of the latest. 

First Look: Hawke Optics Frontier 34 Riflescopes

The 34mm tube diameter on all these scopes make them well-suited to low light conditions.

First Look: Versaring Scope Rings

Mount your scope at the right height, right from the start.

Aging Eyes and Rifle Marksmanship

Aging eyesight brings a host of changes to your rifle-shooting ability—be ready for it.

First Look: Sightron S1 Riflescopes

Sightron increases the performance without increasing the price.

First Look: Brownells MPO LPVO Riflescope

Brownells is now shipping their new LPVO (Low Powered Variable Optic) scope, the 1-6X magnification MPO scope.

First Look: Sightmark Presidio Line of Scopes

Sightmark's new Presidio line of riflescopes offers a wide range of magnification power across a family of affordable scopes.

First Look: German Precision Optics Spectra 7.5x50i Riflescope

With the introduction of its new Spectra 7.5x50i scope, German Precision Optic USA is entering the fixed-power scope market.

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