First Look: Nebo Luxtreme Flashlight

A tough flashlight designed for everyday carry in everyday situations.

posted on May 19, 2024
Nebo Luxtreme Flashlight

Nebo Flashlights has just announced a new product release, the new Luxtreme Pocket Light which is an affordable, carry-friendly rechargeable light. Unlike many other lights in this space, the new Luxtreme isn’t an expensive high powered, high lumen tactical flashlight. With the Luxtreme light, Nebo’s design goal instead was to create a compact and pocket sized light that is suitable for normal tasks. In spite of its more down to earth nature, the new Nebo Luxtreme can still throw a 328 yard beam, 420 lumens on its maximum setting (30 seconds only), 80 lumens on its high setting, 40 lumens on its medium setting, and 12 lumens on the low. Aside from these main settings, the Luxtreme also has a five-hour long strobe setting on a full charge. Nebo designed this light so it could recharge its lithium-ion batteries with a standard USB-C charger.

Besides its lighting output abilities, the Luxtreme’s compact physical dimensions are also noteworthy, as the entire unit only measures 3.35 inches in length, 1 inch in width, and 1 inch in diameter. The Luxtreme Pocket Light is crafted from anodized aircraft-grade aluminum and weighs only a few ounces and is both water and impact-resistant, ensuring durability in challenging environments.   

Nebo Luxtreme Pocket Flashlight Features and Specifications:

  • USB-C rechargeable
  • Five light modes:
    • Turbo (420 lumens): 30 seconds, 300 meters range
    • High (80 lumens): 2 hours / 133 meters (145 yards)
    • Medium (40 lumens): 3.5 hours / 97 meters (106 yards)
    • Low (12 lumens): 8 hours / 52 meters (56 yards)
    • Strobe: 5 hours
  • Smart Power Control (SPC)
  • Direct-to-low
  • Power indicator
  • Battery charging indicator
  • Anodized aircraft-grade aluminum
  • Water and impact-resistant (IPX6)
  • Keyring/lanyard hole
  • Powered by internal Li-Ion rechargeable battery

To learn more about the new Nebo Luxtreme Pocket Light which retails for $32.49, visit


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