First Look: Mossberg Patriot Predator Bolt Action Rifle in 7mm PRC

All the accuracy of 6.5mm PRC, with a little more thump.

posted on November 14, 2022
Mossberg Patriot in 7mm PRC

O.F. Mossberg And Sons are now offering the Patriot Predator Bolt Action Rifle in Hornady’s new rifle cartridge, the 7mm PRC.

The Predator rifle is a variant of Mossberg’s Patriot line of bolt-action rifles. These rifles have a threaded muzzle that is ready to accept suppressors or other muzzle accessories. There is also an 11-degree match crown thread protector at the end of barrel if you chose not to use a suppressor. This new 7mm PRC version features a 1:8-inch rifling twist. In addition to this, Patriot Predator rifles also include a section of Picatinny rail atop their receivers so shooters can conveniently mount their riflescopes with Picatinny based scope rings. The Patriot Predator also has a brown Cerakoted free-floated fluted 24 inch barrel that sits on Mossberg’s Patriot chassis. The rifle’s action follows Mossberg’s twin-lug push feed design and its bolt body is also fluted. Holding together the “lock and the barrel” is a synthetic stock with the Strata camouflage pattern.

Hornady’s new 7mm PRC cartridge is the result of Hornady’s ambitions in creating the 7mm Magnum cartridge for the 21st century. The 7mm PRC cartridge is intended to bridge the gap between the 6.5mm PRC and the .300 PRC. It also echoes some of the latter cartridges’ style as the 7mm PRC is also loaded with heavier-for-caliber projectiles that are pushed by more modern and stable propellants. Factory loads are available with bullet weights of 160, 175, and 180 grains. Currently, several gunmakers from big names to custom shops are offering factory rifles in this new chambering. Additionally, due to the fact that the 7mm PRC shares certain critical dimensions, shooters who already own a magnum length action rifle chambered in either 7mm Remington Magnum or .300 Win. Mag. can easily switch to 7mm PRC by re-barreling those existing actions.  

Retail pricing for the new Mossberg Patriot Predator 7mm PRC bolt action rifle starts at $616. To learn more about this new rifle and to review its additional details, please visit OF Mossberg and Sons’ website at To learn more about the new 7mm PRC cartridge, please visit Hornady’s website at


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