First Look: Mission First Tactical Pro Series Holsters

Secure your firearm and light with a magnet inside an AIWB holster.

posted on May 26, 2024
 Mission First Tactical Pro Series Holsters

Mission First Tactical, a company which makes all manner of firearm-related accessories and gear has just released a new version of its light-bearing IWB (inside the waistband) Pro Series holster. This modern concealment holster is officially called the MFT Pro Series IWB Light Holster. This new product line is designed around compact handguns with tactical lights attached to their accessory rails. Unlike most light bearing concealment holsters which are designed to “grip” the exterior surface of the light body itself in order to provide retention, the Mission First Tactical Pro Series holsters completely ignore the light and instead use a powerful neodymium magnet to securely hold the firearm in place by applying magnetic force to the firearm’s steel barrel. The internal muzzle area of the holster has a cradle system that not only holds the neodymium magnet in place but also includes a support rod that partially goes inside of the barrel to help keep the gun in place correctly. This rod, better known as the "Integrated Barrel Stabilizer”, works similarly to those found in gun racks or display holders and will not damage the muzzle either. Moreover, because the powerful magnet along with the rod supports the handgun directly, a user can safely carry their handgun without or without the light. Although the MFT Pro Series IWB Light Holster doesn’t grab the light, the holster has enough space to safely fit the Streamlight TLR 7 series of compact under barrel tactical lights. (The Pro Series IWB is also available for the Streamlight TLR 1, but this variant is for the Glock G19 or Glock G45 only.)

The Pro Series IWB Light Holster used modern 1½ inch tuckable belt clips and includes a series of shims and a claw kit to help space the holster between the wearer’s belt and body for optimal comfort, fit and concealment. Mission First Tactical currently offers these holsters to fit a few of today’s most popular makes and models of carry guns. This includes several 9 mm Glocks such as the Glock G43, Glock G43X, Glock G19 and Glock G45. The Sig Sauer P365 series of handguns is also well represented and there are holster fits for both the standard, large and extra large (X Macro) sized frames. In addition, Mission First Tactical also has a variant that fits the Springfield Armory Hellcat. All holsters retail for $90. To learn more please visit


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