First Look: MFT Extreme Duty AR-15 Magazines

posted on November 16, 2018
Of all the components of the AR-15 platform that take abuse, the magazine is probably one of the most-harshly treated pieces of gear. They're thrown around, dropped, slammed into magazine wells and are expected to perform flawlessly. To ensure magazines will perform in the harshest environments imaginable, Mission First Tactical upped the magazine market with the launch of its new Extreme Duty AR-15 magazines.

While most popular AR mags are constructed from impact-resistant, injection-molded polymer, Mission First Tactical took the next step in durability, using a special long glass-fiber polymer in order to strengthen the magazine body. The use of this next-generation material enhances the strength of the magazine by 50 percent and provides up to three times the impact resistance compared to other polymer magazines molded from traditional, glass-filled nylon.

In addition to the use of this stronger material, the lower half of the magazine body is thickened, providing enhanced rigidity in addition to preserving the internal geometry of the magazine body. This ensures the four-way, anti-tilt follower and stainless-steel mag spring are unimpeded during operation.Other elements in the magazine body also offer improved durability, such as the flared floorplate, which provides added protection against long drops onto hard surfaces.

The flared design also allows MFT Extreme Duty Magazines to be grabbed easily while in a magazine pouch, but the oversized design still allows the magazines to fit into all traditional mag pouches without issue. Impressions at the front and rear of the magazine body provide natural grasping points for fingers, giving users added leverage in inserting or removing mags. The ridges also offer enhanced control for gloved hands. On each side of the body, a wide, flat surface allows for the addition of laser-engraved markings or images, and a paint-pen dot matrix allows users to keep track of individual mags.

At the rear of the magazine body, consumers will find an oversized bolt catch designed to lock the bolt open reliably on the last round, as well as provide this functionality through thousands of fired rounds without wearing away. At the bottom of the magazine, users will find tool-free disassembly notches. Mission First Tactical included two notches instead of the more typically seen single-notch design in order to minimize the chances of an ammo dump from accidental disassembly.

Each Mission First Tactical Extreme Duty magazine is optimized for use in standard, Colt-spec AR-15 lower receivers, but the design is also compatible with a number of other rifles on the market, like the Heckler & Koch HK416, FN America FN SCAR16 and the SA-80 bullpup. The magazines measure 7.5 inches high, 2.52 inches in length and 0.94 inch wide. The suggested retail price on the magazines is $12.99.


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