First Look: 1st Edition Blue Book of AR-15s & Variations

posted on October 17, 2018
Through 38 editions, S.P. Fjestad's "Blue Book of Gun Values" worked its way to the top as the go-to source for firearm values. Through constant work and hundreds of printed pages rolling out every year, the "Blue Book of Gun Values" gives everyone, from big-money gun buyers to casual collectors, a solid starting point for valuing their collection or planned acquisition. Now, owners of AR-15s and similar modern sporting rifles have a value resource in the first-ever "Blue Book of AR-15s & Variations."

Joining other special editions in the Blue Book lineup, such as the "Blue Book of Antique American Firearms & Values" and the "Blue Book of Airguns," the latest "Blue Book of AR-15s & Variations" is a clear indication that the huge market of modern sporting rifles has reached a point where it requires its own recognition and research. The new publication includes nearly 300 different manufacturers and trademarks, as well as additional details on model-specific examples in manufacturer lineups.

As well as all current and discontinued AR-15s, the guide also includes all short-action AR-10 designs on the market, as well as all AR-based carbine, rifle, pistol and shotgun variants. One of the highlights of the new Blue Book is the inclusion of a 49-page, full-color insert that breaks down the anatomy and terminology of the AR platform, providing parts diagrams, a glossary, popular abbreviation and illustrations. Throughout more than half a century of use, the AR platform has been chambered in more than 50 different centerfire and rimfire calibers, and Fjestad's latest addition to the Blue Book lineup covers all these caliber-specific options.

Also included in the book are all of the latest terms associated with the world of modern sporting rifles, including KeyMod, M-Lok, Melonite, SOPMOD and more. At the beginning of this Blue Book, Fjestad also examines trends in the AR-15 market and discusses the history of the AR as well as a look into the future of the market over the next year. In total, the book provides 384 jam-packed pages of essential information for the modern AR owner. The "Blue Book of AR-15s & Variations" will be available to consumers starting Dec. 1, 2018. Suggested retail pricing on the guide is $29.95, while an online-only subscription costs $19.95.


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