First Look: Meprolight Mepro Hyper-Bright Sights for S&W Shield Plus

posted on April 6, 2021

The Smith & Wesson Shield Plus takes the proven performance of the S&W Shield pistol and adds in even more rounds into the magazine, adding new capabilities to what is already a popular choice for a defensive carry pistol. 

Now Meprolight is making their Mepro Hyper-Bright day/night sight sets for the Smith & Wesson Shield Plus. Owners of this latest addition to the popular family of S&W pistols can immediately upgrade their front and rear sights by replacing their original factory sights with the Mepro Hyper-Bright sights.

The Mepro Hyper-Bright sights are 30 percent brighter than any other pistol sight on the market and come with an extremely bright contrasting color ring on the front sight that enables you to focus on your target faster, which in turn allows you to make the shot when it matters the most.

Replacing the sights on your handgun with tritium enhanced day/night sights can help increase your defense capabilities in most lighting conditions.

Bill Yerby, V.P. Sales & Marketing, Meprolight, explains why: “Selecting your sights is as important as selecting your firearm. Upgrading the sights on your EDC gun will increase your capabilities to put the shots you need on target, in any light, when they are needed the most. Without a doubt, Meprolight Hyper-Bright sights will give you an edge.”

Meprolight Hyper-Bright sights are available in three colors: Orange, Green or Yellow. The different color combinations help the shooter focus on the front sight faster, which is critical for self defense or competitive shooting. The tritium luminance is guaranteed for 12 years. Available for the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield as well as SIG models and all Glock models including MOS.

More information on Mepro Hyper-Bright sights for the Smith & Wesson Shield Plus as well other products from Meprolight is available at  



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