First Look: Leupold QRW2 and PRW2 Scope Rings

posted on April 16, 2018
Building on the success of the company's original QRW and PRW scope rings, Leupold engineers enhanced the design of these popular mounting options and launched the QRW2 and PRW2 in spring 2018.

“If you can’t have your scope rock-solid on your rifle, then everything else is just a waste of time,” said Pete Moe, product line manager for Leupold & Stevens. “That’s where the quality of all of our mounts and rings come into play. We designed the QRW2 and PRW2 lines to expand upon what our customers loved about the original QRW and PRW, and the result is a mounting solution that you’re not going to beat.”

The new Leupold QRW2 and PRW2 scope rings are based on the traditional cross-slot ring design and aare machined entirely from steel to ensure bombproof performance in the field. This solid construction is reinforced through heavy recoil testing performed at the company's facility in Beaverton, OR, which further ensures performance in the field.

In addition to the steel construction, the company ensures precision tolerances are maintained during the machining process, providing perfect alignment when mounting. The cross-slot design will fit both Picatinny- and Weaver-style optics rails without issue, and the new low-profile appearance of both rings are designed to blend into the overall rifle platform instead of sticking out.

The difference between the Leupold QRW2 and PRW2 lies in the ease of attachment. Those looking for quick-detach rings that still cling to an optics base and maintain zero without issue will want to take a closer look at the QRW2 rings, while hunters and shooters in the market for a more traditional and permanent optics attachment option will lean toward the PRW2.

Each option is available in low, medium and high models and can be had in multiple finishes. Options are available to fit scope tubes measuring 1 inch, 30 mm or 34 mm in diameter. Like all of Leupold's products, the rings are made right here in the USA. The suggested retail price on the company's PRW2 rings starts at $79.99, while the QRW2 rings start at a suggested retail price of $100.99


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