SHOT Show 2024 Roundup: Low Power Variable Optics

A popular optics choice continues to grow.

posted on January 26, 2024

Low powered variable optics, or LPVOs, are today’s carbine go-to optic. All types of semi auto carbine shooters, whether competitive, recreational or tactical enjoy LPVOs simply because they’re essentially both a red dot and a traditional scope rolled into one. Here’s some notable choices that are hot off the press for this year’s SHOT Show.

Gideon Guardian 1-10x28
Gideon Optics, a newer company originally focused on providing affordable reflex pistol mounted optics, is now stepping into the world of magnified optics with a new second focal plane scope. The Guardian 1-10x28 LPVO that retails for only $400 and is an MOA based optic that has an illuminated “donut” style reticle with a vertical bullet drop compensation. Perhaps the most interesting aspect about the Guardian is the fact that it's built around a 35mm tube and a 28mm objective lens as opposed to the typical 30mm diameters seen at that price point, two features are usually found on scopes costing 4 to 5 times the Guardian’s price. 

Primary Arms PLx Compact 1-8x24x
Primary Arms Optics is primarily known for its wide selection of budget friendly optics which have slowly cemented a solid reputation amongst shooters. The company has been focused on selling more sophisticated optics as of late, and the new PLx Compact 1-8x unveiled this year is  an example of this strategy. This scope outfitted with high quality Japanese glass and is extremely compact for its size and category. In addition to this, it’s also a first focal plane optic with very good daylight bright illumination that sells around $1500.

Leupold Mark 4HD 1-4.5x24
This year, Leupold announced the launch of a brand new product line, the Mark 4HD line which takes the best features of the Mark 5HD line and puts them into more affordable products. For example, instead of the Mark 5HD’s family wide 35mm main tubes, these are built with the slightly smaller 30mm diameter. Out of this lineup, the new Mk 4 HD 1-4.5x24 LPVO warrants some attention because it offers shooters option which works well with semi auto carbines at medium and short distances. 

Trijicon Credo 1-10x28
Trijicon is adding another member to its Credo family of LPVO scopes. The new 1-10x28mm Credo LPVO is a good reminder to every shooter and the rest of the industry that Trijicon Credo optics also count on excellent glass with great clarity and every good eyeboxes, even when zoomed in all the way to 10x. The 1-10x28mm Credo uses Trijicon’s most recent version of its excellent segmented reticle. Besides the illuminated segment circle itself and the vertical bullet drop compensating stadia marks, it’s also full of subtensions to boost its ability to make precise shots at distance. 


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