First Look: LaserLyte Steel Tyme Kit

posted on April 20, 2020

With the entire country stuck at home on COVID-19 quarantine, those lucky to be employed are relying on laptops, scrambling to create a makeshift office amidst the additional bedlam of children as they transition to the new challenges associated with home-schooling and even pets have tapped into the seeming endless source of anxiety. As a result, an abundance of time has many of us looking for ways to occupy it. Firearm enthusiasts can seek cinematic solace with such films as the “John Wick” trilogy and “The Way of the Gunonly so many times before retreating to their man caves to clean their guns and other forms of sanity maintenance for shooters.

Fortunately, the LaserLyte Trainer Target Steel Tyme Kit can help you hone fundamental shooting skills on a regular basis, without the need for a range or leaving your home. Included are a pair of two electronic, dual-mode Steel Tyme targets and a laser-integrated trainer module based on a Glock G43. Simply pull the trigger and the laser projects its beam for 1/10th of a second to show shot placement while simultaneously activating either of the trainer targets, mimicking the sound of a bullet smacking AR500 steel, providing both visual as well as audio confirmation of hits. Or, if users don’t want the reinforced benefit of sound, users can toggle the targets to silent mode where the targets flash only when hits are recorded. Targets reset after each hit. Similarly, the pistol, which has a 5.5-pound trigger pull, resets after every shot.

Such a design helps teach shooting fundamentals, such as sight alignment and critical trigger-control skills to shoot with growing precision. As a user’s skill builds, you can take your shooting skills to the next level by using your LaserLyte Trainer Target Steel Tyme Kit to up the ante by making subtle, but simple, changes. For example, want to put your tack-driving accuracy to the test? Placing trainer targets at the end of a home’s longest hallway and force users to work on critical elements of breath control, trigger control and follow-through.

When the time comes to work on defensive applications, the target distance can be shortened from 5 to 7 yards, or further challenge self-defensive skills others family members can hide the trainer targets though out the home, requiring the shooter to search the home, room by room, engage and successfully neutralize each potential threat. Want to make it more challenging? Add at time limit. For another added element of realism, try it againat nightwhile integrating crucial tactical-flashlight skills into the mix.

In addition to helping gun owners practice and maintain key marksmanship fundamentals, LaserLyte’s Trainer Target Steel Tyme Kit can be used to used as a tactical training aid, too. MSRP: $179.99;


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