First Look: KDG Fix-It Sticks FN SCAR Tool Kit

posted on July 12, 2018
Made with a modular design that proved popular with U.S. Special Operations Command and a number of other military units across the world, the FN SCAR is a 7.62-NATO battle rifle designed to handle some of the worst environments imaginable. However, even these combat-ready machines need maintenance, and Kinetic Development Group teamed up with Fix-It Sticks to produce the FN SCAR Tool Kit, containing many of the basics needed to keep these rifles running.

Fix-It Sticks is known for producing a range of compact, easily carried tool kits aimed at outdoor enthusiasts, with kits available for biking, shooting and general use. However, the company's small-sized maintenance kits aimed at the firearm community were limited to a select few models that have proven popular with the American public: the AR-15, Glock and Ruger 10/22. Owners of other firearms have had to make do with the company's general-purpose kits for field maintenance, until Kinetic Development Group saw a need for a SCAR-specific tool kit that kept these combat guns at the ready.

Each KDG Fix-It Sticks FN SCAR Tool Kit ships with a number of modular specialty tools that enable owners of the sought-after SCAR rifle to stay prepared for multiple maintenance needs that might emerge during field use. Included in the package are two torque limiters, which offer precision adjustment and tightening of torque-specific parts, such as optics rings, scope mounts, action screws and M-Lok accessories. One torque limiter is scope-specific, featuring a pre-set torque limit of 16.5 inch-pounds for optic rings and other small screws. The second torque limiter is set at 62 inch-pounds for use with the SCAR's unique barrel screws, which provides multi-caliber capabilities with a unique barrel-change setup.

Also included in the FN America SCAR Tool Kit is the Fix-It Sticks T-handle driver, allowing users to gain leverage when accessing out-of-the-way fasteners, such as a pistol-grip screw. The kit ships with 10 different Allen-head driver bits, sized to fit most standard Allen-head screws used in today's modern firearms. The kit also includes five Torx bits, as well as two flat-head driver bits, one with a narrow head and the other with a wide head.

The entire KDG Fix-It Sticks FN SCAR Tool Kit ships in a zippered bag constructed from durable ballistic Nylon, made to withstand rugged environments. Each bag offers extra room for other tools, lube and thread-locking compound shooters might need. Overall, the total weight of the kit is 15 ounces. The suggested retail price on the FN SCAR Tool Kit is $119.


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