First Look: FN SCAR MultiCam

Three models of the FN SCAR are now available with a CeraKote Multicam finish.

posted on June 9, 2022
FN SCAR rifles in Multicam

FN America is rolling out new versions of FN SCAR NRCH rifles at the 151st NRA Annual Meeting that have a custom MultiCam pattern. The pattern, Crye Precision’s original MultiCam, has been applied hydrographically to the receiver and trigger module frame of the SCAR 16S, 17S and 20S commercial SCAR variants.

The FN SCAR 17S is the semi-auto only version of the U.S. Special Operations Command’s newest service rifle and is chambered in 7.62 NATO, while the FN SCAR 16S is the semi-automatic version of the US Military’s MK 16 and is chambered in 5.56 NATO. The FN SCAR 20S is also semi-automatic and shoots 6.5 Creedmoor, making it ideal for long-range precision fire.

The FN SCAR series is a battle-proven system that is based on the rifles used by some of America's most elite soldiers. These rifles all feature dual, non-reciprocating charging handles that enable users to shoot from any position or use any grip style. A cold hammer-forged and chrome-lined barrel provides for consistent accuracy and a one-piece forged aluminum receiver offers reliability and versatility in all three variants. A fully adjustable buttstock, low-flash gas regulator helps to deliver precision fire and prove fast-handling characteristics that set the SCAR series apart from similar rifle platforms.

The MultiCam pattern is undoubtedly one of the most popular camouflage patterns in the world and is currently used by conventional and special operations forces in many different countries. Crye Precision developed the MultiCam pattern to limit the visual and near-IR signature of a person operating across a very wide range of physical environments and seasons. After many successful evaluations and after being proven in combat, Multicam became the officially issued pattern of the U.S. Army for all Afghanistan operations in 2010, making it a true multi-environment concealment solution.

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