First Look: Hornady Security Cabinets

Modular, stackable protection for gear that needs to be locked safely away.

posted on September 4, 2022
Hornady Security Cabinets

Hornady’s Security Products division is now offering a locking ammunition storage cabinet in its line up of vaults, safes and locking cabinets. Hornady’s new Ammo Cabinet is built with an all metal construction and is assembled in the United States of America. Using a barrel key lock, this cabinet is intended to secure ammunition, reloading components, tools and other valuable items that do not necessarily need to be kept inside a gun safe. The cabinet has a pattern of modular Square-Lok walls, with round holes allowing for the proper airflow and humidity control that is crucial to storing ammunition and its components.

Hornady also has a line of Square-Lok accessories that mount into these holes and allows the user to set up the cabinet to their specific needs. These holes also make it easy to anchor the cabinet to a wall or on some other larger, more solid surface, providing not only extra stability but additional security as well.

The Hornady Ammo Cabinet is sturdy enough to function as a standalone storage unit that can also be stacked and bolted in conjunction with other cabinets to make a larger locker unit. The cabinet can also act as a base for a workbench as it is only 40 inches tall

Hornady Security Cabinets Features:

Sturdy Shelving
Two adjustable shelves support 100 pounds each for maximum storage. Three included shelf/floor mats protect ammo, tools and other gear.

Easy To Organize
Magnetic motion light, 10 magnetic rewritable shelf labels and other accessories make organizing and finding ammo easy. Three plastic ammo cans included.

Flexible Door Placement
Door can be oriented for left or right opening to suit your space. Door lock opens smoothly with the included barrel keys.

Expandable Storage
Bolt multiple cabinets together for increased storage or to create a sturdy workbench.

The dimensions of the Hornady Ammo Cabinet are 18 inches wide x 12 inches deep x 40 inches tall, and the retail price starts at $629. For more information on this product, other Hornady Security Products, or Hornady ammunition and reloading supplies, please visit their website at


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