First Look: Hornady RAPiD Security Safe Keypad Vault

Keep your defensive firearm is secure and away from prying hands.

posted on May 27, 2022
Hornady rapid vault

Hornady is releasing a new keypad and RFID activated mini vault as part of their RAPiD line of security products. The compact size of this battery powered vault, which is about 13 inches long, 11 inches wide, and 4 inches tall, makes it ideally sized to fit inside a nightstand or dresser drawer. Internally, it is roughly 10 1/2 inches long by almost 8 inches wide and will easily allow you to secure most any compact or duty sized handgun that is suitable for home defense. Alternatively, the Security Safe Keypad Vault offers you a great secure storage solution for your jewelry, watches, or other valuables. Regardless of what you keep inside, the soft padded lining prevents any scuffing or scratching of your stored valuables. The Security Safe Keypad Vault comes pre-drilled allowing discreet mounting or more permanent installation possibilities to suit your individual needs and situation.

The external shell of the Security Safe Keypad Vault is built from a robust layer of 14 gauge steel and exceeds the rigorous industry standards for safe firearm storage. Gun owners in the Golden State will be pleased to know that the Security Safe Keypad Vault is CA DOJ approved as a firearms safety device. With its tough internal locking lug, this tamper proof vault will keep unauthorized users away thereby also providing peace of mind and another layer of security to your home defense plan.

You have three different options to unlock and access your items inside the vault:

  1. RFID tags (The vault ships with both a decal and a watch band)
  2. A four to six digit access code entered via keypad
  3. Mechanical lock and key as a failsafe or when batteries are dead or low in power

The Hornady RAPiD Security Safety Keypad Vault retails for $148.99. For more information on this vault and other Hornady products, please visit


Sheriff Jim Wilson
Sheriff Jim Wilson

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