2019 Tactical Gift Guide: 10 Great Items for a Vehicle

posted on November 28, 2019
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Whether you're outfitting a family car or helping a friend set up a vehicle for personal defense and preparedness, it's critical to have the right items in place for a solid vehicle kit. Shooting Illustrated staff searched the industry for just a few of the top vehicle-based preparedness tools, and we came up with 10 great, must-have items. We won't ask if you're treating yourself or gifting for a friend...all we know is that these vehicle-based EDC items are great pieces of gear to have on hand:

1 | Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe

The Hornady RAPiD Vehicle Safe offers quick access to your firearm while providing essential security and limited access. Its patent-pending mounting system is compatible with virtually any vehicle, thanks to an inflatable air bladder that, once inflated, secures the safe either between the seats or adjacent to its center console. Built-in RFID technology enables access quickly via the included wristband, keys, stickers and a key fob. $277.91; hornady.com

2 | DTL GEAR Bleeding Control Kit (IFAK)
Available in First Aid Red or Tactical Black, this kit contains the lifesaving essentials for anyone to bring blood loss under control in an emergency. It is offered in three levels: Basic, Intermediate and Advanced, the latter two with upgraded components. $79.95 (Basic); dtlgrear.com

3 | Vaultek Lifepod
Airtight and water-resistant, the Lifepod is a TSA-approved gun case that makes traveling with a firearm more convenient. Powered by a 9-volt battery, the locking system has a low-battery indicator, backup micro-USB power inlet and an optional key lock. The case will accommodate pistols up to 7.75 inches long and even floats with up to a 2-pound load inside. $99; vaulteksafe.com

4 | SOG Tactical Tomahawk
A good tool to have in an emergency—whether for extracting, excavating or chopping to rescue or survive—the Tactical Tomahawk features a 420 stainless steel head and a grippy, fiberglass-reinforced handle to ensure stability, power and durability. $49.95; sogknives.com

5 | Eberlestock X41 HiSpeed II
Built for adventure, this fully compressible, 1,800-cubic inch pack is made of 420-denier nylon and incorporates a host of useful features. There are multiple pairs of side-mounted compression straps, MOLLE-10 lightweight webbing for affixing 25 mm MOLLE accessories, an interior hydration sleeve, two document/laptop sleeves and even a fold-away shelf for keeping contents separate. $199; eberlestock.com

6 | Survivor Filter Squeeze Kit
Fresh, clean water is always a necessity, and with this kit you can drink directly from a freshwater source with the filter straw or use the two provided collapsible canteens to transfer dirty water to clean. $40; survivorfilter.com

7 | Hoppes AirVault Storage Bags
For worry-free, long-term storage of your rifles and pistols, there are few better options on the market than these AirVault bags. Constructed with a special blend of corrosion inhibitors, these bags protect cleaned and oiled firearms from corrosion for a period of up to five years. $8.95; hoppes.com

8 | Pepperball TCP
Shaped like a firearm, but firing less-lethal projectiles to an effective range of 150 feet, the TCP provides a use-of-force option short of lethality combined with the ability to engage an assailant before he is in contact with you. Each TCP comes with a six-round magazine, but projectiles and CO2 cartridges are sold separately. $399.99; pblifelite.com

9 | Cordova Soft-Side Cooler
Whether you’re off on a cross-country trip or just spending the day at the range, Cordova’s soft-side cooler will keep beverages cold all day long. Weighing just 2 pounds and fitting up to 16 cans with 10 pounds of ice, this cooler has a waterproof zipper and liner, and a 1000-denier nylon outer shell. $149.99; cordovaoutdoors.com

10 | NRA Store Super Life Member License Plate Frame
Help someone display their pride in NRA and their contribution to the defense of the Second Amendment with an NRA license plate frame. The highly polished metal frame is available to reflect the recipient’s level of Association membership. $9.95; nrastore.com


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