2019 Tactical Gift Guide: 11 Must-Have EDC Items

posted on November 12, 2019
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While there are a lot of great holiday gifts available this season, a great many of them ultimately end up in the back of closets or at the bottom of storage boxes, because they're simply not used all that often. Why not give your friends and family a practically tactical gift this holiday season with a piece of gear they can use every day? Check out these 11 great gear items that anyone can incorporate into their daily carry kit:

1 | Nine Line Apparel Athletic Tailgater Hoodie

Show your support for the NRA with this moisture-wicking hooded sweatshirt sporting the NRA logo in Mossy Oak Overwatch camo. A built-in, insulated beverage holder atop the center hand-warming pocket is an added bonus for cool fall days at the football game. $59.99; ninelineapparel.com

2 | Asfaleia Concealed Carry Tote Handbag
Available in three different color schemes and two sizes, this CCW handbag provides quick access with its magnetic-closer pockets. Additionally, a plate-carrier pocket is available to hold a ballistic armor panel if one so desires. $379.95; asfaleiadesigns.com

3 | KeySmart Pro
Tired of your keys jangling around in your pocket? Streamline your key collection with the KeySmart Pro, an organizer with a built-in flashlight, bottle opener and loop ring for your car remote. The unit even has a built-in locator compatible with the Tile app. $59.99; getkeysmart.com

4 | VZ Grips Diamante Dagger
For the discriminating blade enthusiast who seemingly has everything, why not something truly unique? VZ Grips, famous for its G10 scales for handguns, recently released a dagger made from the same nigh-invulnerable material. Serrations run nearly the full length of the blade, with an overall weight of only 2.3 ounces. Boltaron or Kydex sheaths are available separately. $99; vzgrips.com

5 | Magpul DAKA Bifold Wallet
Looking for a high-speed, tactical wallet but don’t want to lose the familiarity of a bifold? Magpul’s new DAKA bifold offers the best of both worlds. With a standard cash section and slots for ID and credit cards, you can carry everything you need without the massive “Costanza wallet.” $24.95; magpul.com

6 | POM OC Spray
More of today’s top-of-the-line trainers are recommending that armed citizens carry OC spray. This less-lethal personal-defense tool provides force-escalation options and can be added inexpensively to a defensive arsenal. The sprays are available in a range of colors and can be had with either a clip or keyring. $12.95; get-pom.com

7 | Blue Force Gear Admin Dapper Pouch
Whether you’re headed to the range or to the office, the Admin Dapper Pouch can easily attach to the inside of a backpack with its hook-and-loop strips and can hold M4 mags, pens, chargers or other essential personal items. $36.95; blueforcegear.com

8 | Pelican Go Case
For the active individual, having everything you need in one place is handy. If that place happens to be both water- and dust-resistant, even better. Pelican’s G40 Personal Utility Go Case comes in a variety of colorful options, fits most popular cellular phones and even has card pockets for your credit cards and ID. $39.95; pelican.com

9 | Ballistic Impressions Cufflinks and Tie-tack
Want to show off your shooting-related proclivities when stepping out? Ballistic Impressions offers this eye-catching cufflinks-and-lapel-pin combo that features your choice of 9 mm, .40 S&W or .45 ACP Federal HST expanded projectiles. Hardware is available in gold, silver or antique bronze. $45; etsy.com/shop/ballisticimpressions

10 | Cheata Tactical Trotter Bra
Providing the stability of two to three sports bras, the Trotter Bra allows the chest to look and feel smaller, lighter and managed, especially at the range. $69.95; cheatasport.com

11 | Browning Alpha Elite Flashlight
New for 2019, the USB-rechargeable 500 lumen Alpha Elite flashlight can easily fit into a pocket or clip inside a bag with its pocket clip. High white, low white and green modes are provided. $69.99; browning.com


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