First Look: Heritage Badlander Shotgun

Relive the glory days of the Old West, two barrels at a time.

posted on December 15, 2023
They're apt to be less nervy if you've got the street howitzer.

The shotgun plays many roles in American gun culture. It’s an ideal firearm for hunting: Loaded with the appropriate shells, it can be used to harvest waterfowl from the sky or a deer in the forest. It’s also a first-rate defensive firearm, a fact that gave birth to the term “riding shotgun,” where armed stagecoach guards would fend off attackers using a double-barreled, side-by-side shotgun.

The new Badlander shotgun from Heritage Firearms is a modern take on the classic side-by-side scattergun. Manufactured in 12 gauge with two cylinder-bore barrels, it has the look and feel of a “street howitzer” of the Old West, but made to modern manufacturing tolerances and from modern materials.

Based on the legendary western side-by-side “scattergun,” the new Badlander features two 18.5-inch barrels with a modern, corrosion-resistant black oxide coating while still retaining the simplicity and durability of the old-school design. Between the barrels is a sturdy brass bead sight, clearly visible when your cheek is nestled on the dark walnut-finished wood stock.

The tang-mounted two-position safety sits within easy reach of most shooters' thumbs, and the twin triggers mean you can really “give ‘em both barrels” with this new side-by-side shotgun. The cylinder bore preserves the authentic intent of this style shotgun, making it perfect for home defense, cowboy action shooting or whatever reason you can find for a side-by-side 12-gauge coach gun.


  • Dark walnut finished wood stock
  • Ergonomic two position safety
  • Black oxide finished barrels
  • Textured wood fore end
  • Twin triggers for fast shooting

Heritage Badlander Specifications

  • Caliber: 12 gauge; 3-inch shells
  • Capacity: 2 Rounds
  • Frame Finish: Black oxide
  • Frame Material: Alloy steel
  • Barrel Material: Alloy steel
  • Barrel Finish: Black oxide
  • Action: Break open
  • Front Sight: Bead
  • Safety: Tang
  • Stock Material: Wood
  • Weight: 6.4 pounds
  • Barrel Length: 18.5 inches
  • Overall Height: 7.1 inches
  • Overall Length: 34.85 inches

MSRP for the Heritage Badlander is $894.99, and more information on this new shotgun and other products from Heritage is available at


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