First Look: Guntec USA Gen II .308 Upper Receiver

posted on February 4, 2019
AR-15s, both in rifle and pistol form, dominated the DIY gun-builder market for years, and consumers have near-limitless options in terms of components when looking to develop their own rifle from the ground up. However, the market for AR-style .308 Win. rifles is less developed, leading manufacturers like Guntec USA to step up with cutting-edge designs for AR fans looking to expand their collection to include short-action examples of America's most-popular rifle design.

"We've had great success in the last couple years with our original .308 Upper and decided to improve upon an already popular product," said Philippe Kent, vice president of Guntec USA. "We're really excited about the Gen II and have already had a great response. We're looking forward to getting into the hands of dealers."

Each Guntec USA Gen II .308 Upper Receiver starts as a solid block of specially developed T6-6061 aluminum alloy, a proprietary blend used in all of the aluminum products produced by the company. The composition of this special alloy aids heat reduction and offers a high-strength platform that still remains lightweight. Each upper receiver has an ergonomic design that aids shooters in actuating features like the forward assist. The forward assist is locked into position with an included set screw. Consumers will also notice a slimmer profile compared to other .308 AR receivers on the market, as well as a trimmed-down shell deflector.

After machining, the Guntec USA Gen II .308 Upper Receiver is treated with a MIL-A-8625 Type III hard-anodized finish. Each receiver is topped with a Picatinny optics rail, specced to DPMS Low Rail Height. Those with standard .308-caliber ejection-port door kits and forward-assist kits can install their mil-spec components on the Gen II .308 Upper Receiver with ease, and the upper will install onto any brand of .308 lower receiver.

The suggested retail price on the Guntec USA Gen II .308 Upper Receiver is $189.95. All of Guntec's receivers are made in the USA at the company's Scottsdale, AZ, facility.


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