First Look: Grayboe Ridgeback Rifle Stock

posted on March 12, 2018
Those looking to enhance their precision rifle with an aftermarket stock have a new option in the Grayboe Ridgeback tactical rifle stock, which is purpose-built to offer added enhancements to owners of Remington 700-pattern rifles.

Made from a proprietary fiberglass/epoxy blend, the all-new Ridgeback design combines a number of elements from traditional fiberglass stocks, counted on by precision rifle owners for decades, along with modern-day elements that enhance the versatility of the platform. The stock is the first of its type to incorporate M-Lok attachment points directly into the forearm, providing a number of accessory-attachment options to owners. A total of 12 M-Lok attachment points are included on the fore-end.

In addition to the attachment slots, the Grayboe Ridgeback stock features an adjustable comb, built from the company's own design. In an effort to simplify the platform and reduce the number of elements that can be damaged, worn out or clogged up in the field. In Grayboe's design, the stock-adjustment mechanism does away with all of the internal components found on other adjustable rifle stocks. In addition to enhancing reliability, the design makes the stock more affordable versus other big-budget stocks on the market.

Other elements of the Ridgeback include a built-in bubble level located at the top of the stock wrist, enabling shooters to verify that their bedded position is absolutely horizontal from a mounted firing position. The stock also features an adjustable length-of-pull, vertical pistol grip and a butt hook all designed to help users bed the rifle deeply and securely into the shoulder for maximum stability. At the front of the stock, a flat fore-end ensures that the platform can sit securely atop any bench or shooting bag, making it a solid option for competition shooters.

The Grayboe Ridgeback tactical stock is available in models that fit Remington 700 short-action and long-action receivers and Varmint/Sendero-profile barrels. In addition to the BDL floorplate, the stock can be milled out to take the Mesa Precision Arms M5 Detachable Box Magazine bottom metal, which accepts all standard AICS-pattern detachable magazines. The suggested retail price on the stock starts at $599.


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