Remington 700 Upgrade: Why We Chose Grayboe

Many stock options exist for the 700. Check out why the Grayboe Ridgeback was the choice for this project.

New for 2019: Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle

Designed for the burgeoning market of PRS shooters, the Bergara Premier Series Ridgeback Rifle is built to excel at distance.

First Look: Grayboe Ridgeback Rifle Stock

Designed for use on the Remington 700, the Grayboe Ridgeback stock combines a number of traditional and cutting-edge features to create a great tactical option.

Upgrading a Remington 700 SPS Tactical

One of the benefits of the Remington 700 action is the ability to upgrade the platform with a wide number of aftermarket parts. We examined a few.

First Look: Grayboe Terrain Rifle Stock

Designed to provide shooters with a minimalist, classic rifle stock, the Grayboe Terrain is ready for range or field use.


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