First Look: Gerber Pack Hatchet

posted on July 18, 2018
Built as an easily carried, compact survival tool, the Gerber Pack Hatchet is loaded with many multi-use capabilities, as well as a rugged design that enables it to be counted on in harsh environments. Thanks to its simple, affordable construction, the hatchet is accessible to a range of outdoor explorers, from casual campers to hardcore survivalists.

Measuring just 9.46 inches in overall length, the Pack Hatchet can fit easily into any outdoor kit, allowing it to be carried anywhere. The blade is constructed from stainless steel, and the full-tang design ensures enhanced durability for use in the field, since the hatchet head won't ever be in danger of breaking free from its handle. Blade length measures 3.5 inches, and an extra tall grind ensures that the hatchet remains sharp, even during extended field use. Thanks to the extended-tang design, the Gerber remains strong enough to power through chopping chores, making it a handy tool to have on-hand for feeding fires and creating cover.

Surrounding the full-tang design is a textured, overmolded handle, providing a rubberized surface that offers a secure grip, even in wet woods. The handle is equipped with a lanyard hole that allows for added security and retention. One of the stand-out designs of the hatchet's handle is the specially designed ergonomics that allow users to "choke up" on the head, making precision cuts and fine detail work possible with a tool usually used for brute-force chopping tasks.

The Gerber Pack Hatchet can be had with either a coyote-brown or flat-sage handle, both accented by black, textured straps along the front and back edge of the handle. Each hatchet also ships with a nylon sheath that allows it to be attached easily to a pack or a user's belt. The suggested retail price on the Pack Hatchet is $33.


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