Surviving On The Edge

Survival in any sense of the word always involves blades, but not, as pop culture would suggest, for fighting off the zombie hordes. The idea that you can survive the apocalypse with a really cool katana is just going to get you killed. We have guns with which to fight, and bringing a sword to a gunfight is well—you know, kinda dumb.

First Look: ESS Ultimate Sniper Drag Bag

Carry your long-range gear securely and safely.

First Look: Elite Survival Systems Avenger Gun Pack

A lightweight and easy way to manage solution for your everyday carry gear.

First Look: Elite Survival Systems Stealth Backpack

Keep your gear close at hand and out of sight.

First Look: Elite Survival Systems MVP Commandant Tactical Vest

Carry your pistol and spare magazines where you can easily access them.

First Look: Elite Survival Systems Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

Carry concealed in plain sight with new carry solution.

Review: NDUR Survival Shovel

Packed with 16 separate tools, the NDUR Survival Shovel is a compact, take-anywhere emergency tool kit.

The Ultimate Lever Gun Makeover

Give your lever-action a purpose-built makeover with the following products.

Review: Elite Survival Systems HIP Gunner Concealed Carry Fanny Pack

Off-body carry is attractive: you just stick your gun in a bag and tote it along with you. Here's one carry option that makes the best of both worlds. 

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