First Look: Galco Switchback Holster

posted on June 18, 2019

Getting a good, comfortable holster for any firearm can be a challenge that requires a great deal of trial and error, and with the overwhelming popularity of semi-automatic pistols designed for personal-defense use, it seems the selection of revolver-specific holster options from quality manufacturers is growing smaller and smaller. Fortunately for wheelgun fanatics, Galco Gunleather is still committed to making high-quality holsters for revolver owners. The company's new Switchback holster is a versatile holster with a unique, hybrid design that can be worn a number of different ways.

The Switchback is available for broad range of medium-frame revolvers from Ruger, Colt, Taurus and other manufacturers.The holster is a hybrid design that combines the best elements of leather and synthetic materials. The holster is fully ambidextrous and can be carried in the strongside or crossdraw positions as the user sees fit. The main body of the Switchback holster is constructed using layered synthetic materials that starts with an outer layer of durable, black, ballistic nylon.

Under that layer is another layer of closed-cell foam which imparts stiffness and sturdiness to the holster body while also providing a core that's soft enough to allow for all-day carry. Lastly, a layer of 420-denier gunmetal-colored packcloth lines the holster for protection and draw speed. The use of packcloth ensures that the amount of friction encountered during a draw is minimal enough to allow for a fast draw while also remaining secure enough to retain the gun through daily carry.

An ambidextrous “exoskeleton” made of top-grain steerhide leather allows the belt to be threaded through either side of the holster body in strong-side or crossdraw positions for right- or left-hand draw. The safety strap has a hammer slot designed to accommodate single-action revolvers, and the holster design is reversible for ambidextrous use.

Available in black finish, the Switchback retails for only $46. More information on the Switchback is available at


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