First Look: Galco Holsters for Handguns with Red Dots

posted on October 1, 2020

Using a red-dot optic on your defensive pistol is becoming more popular every day. Prices on optics are falling quickly, and gun manufacturers are expanding their lineups to add more optics-ready models. To meet this demand, Galco offers many different holsters for handguns equipped with red-dot optical sights.

The patent-pending BlakGuard belt holster combines Premium Center Cut Steerhide and injection-molded plastic for optimal comfort and increased durability. An adjustable internal retention device secures the handgun at the trigger guard, while neutral, vertical cant allows for a natural, wrist-locked draw stroke. The large "trench"-style sight indentation on the holster can easily accommodate higher-height suppressor-style sights that are commonly found on pistols with red-dot optics.

The Ankle Guard has the ultra-modern holster design and retention system of the BlakGuard along with a sheepskin-padded neoprene ankle cuff. The Ankle Guard fits ankles that are up to 13 inches in circumference, and there is also an optional Boot Extender available for larger legs or wear over boots.  

The Corvus holster from Galco quickly and easily converts from an outside the waistband belt holster to an inside the waistband design. The holster has an open top for fast draw and is adjustable for ride height and cant. With its comfortable forward molding, the versatile and adaptable Corvus is a great choice for defensive carry.  

The design of the new Paragon Kydex holster offers comfortable everyday carry along with a fast draw and an easy and safe return to holster. The holster is optimized for appendix carry, and its dual tuckable belt clips ride in slots in front and behind the gun body to allow for wide adjustment of both ride height and carry angle. Raised sweat guards on both sides of the handgun protect the user's body from the gun and allow for a smooth and safe return to the holster. The Paragon includes a claw-type stabilizing wing for those people who need to make sure their gun and holster stays put all day long.

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