First Look: Firefield Charge XLT Lights & Lasers

posted on March 29, 2018
Adding to the extensive aftermarket of AR-15 accessories, Firefield launched its new Charge XLT lineup of lights and lasers, designed to attach to the accessory rail of America's most popular firearm.

Four different models of the Firefield Charge XLT sights are offered to consumers, each one inspired by the design of light-and-laser devices currently in use by military units across the world. Each Charge XLT is tailored to provide specific capabilities when working in close-quarter conditions, either with laser-assisted aiming or target illumination. The models are also available in varied finish options.

The Charge XLT Green Laser Sight is constructed with a thermoplastic body designed to stand up to everyday use while remaining lightweight enough to add onto any home-defense AR-15 without encumbering the user. The entire unit weighs just 6.2 ounces and packs a Class IIIA 532nm laser visible at a distance of 600 yards at night and 50 yards during the day.

In addition to the laser-only model, Firefield also offers its Charge XLT Flashlight and Green Laser Sight, incorporating a 220-lumen illumination tool in addition to the 532nm green aiming laser. Each model features windage and adjustment turrets that allow users to zero their laser without the need for tools. Additionally, the low-profile body does not interfere with raised iron sights, ensuring that users can mount the unit to their top rail without impeding their sight picture.

Each Firefield Charge XLT light and laser unit ships with a rail-mounted pressure pad and runs off a single CR123A battery. Users can also choose to run their light and laser units through push-button activation located on the housing rather than mounting the included pressure pad.

Housing finish options are available in black or flat dark earth The suggested retail price on the laser-only model starts at $119.99, while the light-and-laser combo retails at a suggested price of $155.99.


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