2023 SHOT Show Roundup: New Lasers and Optics From Viridian

Lasers. Lights and lasers. And optics. Don't forget the optics.

posted on January 20, 2023
New Viridian products

Viridian arrived at SHOT with a variety of new lights, lasers and optics for the American gun owner. The all-new C-Series of pistol lights and lasers can be configured to turn on or shut off by simply drawing from Viridian’s new holster.

Viridian Laser

The C5 is Viridian’s laser only offering. Like most laser-only devices, it’s small and compact. It is picatinny rail mounted and is only available in a green laser configuration. Activation buttons are mounted on both sides of the device and are of the one-click, constant on variety. The MSRP for the C5 is $149.

The C5L is the Light and Laser combination. The light is listed at 650 lumens and 55,000 candela on the high setting. It can be configured in light only, laser only, light and laser together and also has a strobe function. This also uses a one-click constant on activation, with a button mounted on both sides of the housing. The MSRP for the C5L is $229.

The CTL is a compact, light-only device with high, medium, low, and strobe modes. Its listed as having a 60 minute run time, 450 lumens and 33,000 candela. For comparison, it is very similar in size to a Streamlight TLR-7, with a similar style. Buttons are mounted on both sides of the housing with one-click, constant on activation. The MSRP for the CTL is $109.

The CTL+ is the full-size light-only device. It also has a 60 minute run-time but more lumens and candela than the CTL, with 1,100 and 68,000 respectively. It uses the same one-click, constant on activation as the other three. All the C-Series lights and lasers have retention cuts for an extra snug fit in the new holsters. The C-Series are all rechargeable using a magnetic charger. They also all ship with a portable charger named “SAFECHARGE” so you can charge your device whenever or wherever it is being stored. The MSRP for the CTL+ is $149

Also new from Viridian are two pistol optics.

Viridian optic

The RFX-11 is a polymer housed, open-emitter green dot pistol sight. Its small and lightweight design, along with the RMSCC footprint makes this optic perfect for sub-compact and micro-compact pistol applications. The price point of the RFX-11 also makes this optic easily accessible, coming in at a $189 MSRP. The lack of buttons to control brightness adds to the sleek and low-profile design aesthetic. Instead of manually adjusting the brightness, the optic can auto-adjust depending on the amount of ambient light available.

Closed-emitter optics are becoming more popular due to their durable construction and sealed design. The emitters are protected from ingress of dirt, debris, or moisture which makes the closed-emitter design well suited for duty use. The RFX-45 is Viridian’s entry into this category and is perfectly at home on full size pistol.  The included picatinny riser mount means it can also be mounted on rifles and carbines. The brightness is user adjustable with 8 daylight and 2 night-vision settings. The top removable battery tray is easily accessible and saves the end user the hassle of removing and re-installing the optic just to change batteries. The RFX-45 uses a crisp 5 MOA green dot just like the color of the lasers and Viridian’s logo alike The Optic is machined from 6061 aluminum and uses the ACRO mounting footprint. The clear glass and 24-millimeter objective lens will make quick target acquisition a breeze. The MSRP for the RFX-45 is $459.



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