First Look: Dan Wesson Heirloom 1911

A full size, limited-edition pistol that stands out from the crowd.

posted on November 6, 2022
Dan Wesson Heirloom 1911

Dan Wesson Firearms is announcing the release of a limited-edition Heirloom full-size 1911 handgun for the year 2022.

The Dan Wesson 2022 Heirloom 1911 Pistol is built around a .45 ACP full-size Government model frame and slide with a 5-inch barrel. The slide is carefully fitted to the frame and the pistol features ornate scrollwork and accents throughout. While the 2022 Heirloom pistol has an overall traditional appearance and configuration of a traditional 1911, it is also outfitted with modern parts that provide the performance that 1911 owners demand. These include a Commander hammer and corresponding upswept beavertail grip safety that replaces the original spur hammer seen on the first iterations of the venerable 1911 pistol that was notorious for causing hammer bite. In addition, the Heirloom 1911 pistol features a modern bronze PVD coating that is more resistant to daily use compared to the beautiful but delicate bluing found on the 1911s from a century ago. This modern finish not only adds an elegant sheen to the 2022 Heirloom but it also provides protection from corrosion and wear. In addition to this, several of the smaller components such as the slide stop, trigger, safety, barrel bushing, etc are accented with a black finish.

2022 Heirloom Specifications:

  • Caliber: .45 ACP
  • Capacity: 8 Rounds
  • Barrel: 5 inch with traditional bushing system
  • Sights: Brass bead front with U-notch rear sight
  • Frame/Slide Material: All-steel construction
  • Stocks: Stylized G-10 stocks
  • Safety: Manually activated thumb safety
  • Action: Traditional single action 1911 system
  • Overall Length: 8.65 inches
  • Overall Height: 5.5 inches
  • Weight: 40 ounces

The Dan Wesson 2022 Heirloom 1911 pistol will be available in limited quantities with a retail pricing what will start at $2,400. For more information on this collectible 1911 pistol or other firearms offered by Dan Wesson, please visit their website at


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