First Look: Caracal Enhanced F Pistol

18 round capacity, with an option for a unique sighting system.

posted on December 26, 2023
Caracal Enhanced F Pistol

Caracal USA has launched a new polymer-frame, striker-fired 9mm pistol, the Caracal Enhanced F Pistol. This full-sized pistol has an 18-round magazine while still being just 1.1 inches wide. Caracal Enhanced F pistols come in two styles, a tactical/standard model with either standard or suppressor height sights or Caracal USA’s unique carry pistol configuration that has a notch on the rear of the slide called the “tactical claw.” The tactical claw’s purpose is to assist with single hand slide racking and operations. Since this claw is placed where the rear sight dovetail would normally sit, this version of the Caracal Enhanced F 9mm pistol uses their proprietary Quick Sight system which consists of the front and rear sights being milled into the upper forward portion of the handgun’s slide, creating a system that is are somewhat similar to the ASP Guttersnipe sights found in pistols in the past.  

“The Enhanced F pistol with the optional proprietary Quick Sight System is proudly made in the USA,” Jeffrey Spalding, president and CEO of Caracal USA, said. “Our pre-production validation program is extensive, far more so than most commercial handgun testing programs. Each test pistol undergoes 16,000 rounds of endurance; that is four to six thousand rounds a day. We use various types of ammo and accuracy tests every two thousand rounds through the cycle. Part of the Caracal process also includes sand, water, mud submersion, solid projectile bore obstruction, and drop testing. The Enhanced F pistol passed with flying colors and is now available to the public.”

Caracal USA Enhanced F Pistol Features and Specifications:

  • Caliber: 9mm
  • Action: Striker-fired, semi-automatic
  • Weight: 28 ounces
  • Height: 5.3 inches
  • Width: 1.1 inches
  • Barrel Length: 4.1 inches
  • Overall Length: 7 inches
  • Magazine Capacity: 18 rounds
  • Sights: Quick Sight System or standard three-dot sights

To learn more about the new Caracal Enhanced F pistol or other products from Caracal, please visit


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