First Look: CrossBreed Micro Reckoning Holster

posted on January 25, 2020

CrossBreed Holsters has been making innovative and comfortable holsters since 2005, in a variety of materials and styles, along with gun belts, magazine pouches and other concealed-carry accessories. The company launched an addition to this line, the Micro Reckoning Holster, adding to its extensive product line.

A more petite version of Crossbreed’s Reckoning Holster, the Micro Reckoning Holster features a smaller backer and is hand-crafted specifically for smaller micro-pistols. Designed to be worn inside-of-waistband at either the strong side, appendix or cross-draw positions, the Micro Reckoning also features multiple points of retention adjustment between the Kydex Pocket and premium leather backer.

The cutting-edge Micro Reckoning holster provides the comfort customers have come to expect from CrossBreed, along with the ability to convert to an outside-the-waistband holster with the addition of OWB hardware from Crossbreed. The new Micro Reckoning Holster is initially available for the SIG Sauer P238 and P938, as well as all versions of the Kimber Micro 9 mm.

In addition to this, the original Reckoning Holster is now available for additional pistols. The Reckoning has been available for popular firearms like the Glock 19, SIG P365 and the Smith & Wesson M&P Shield, but now it is also available for the following firearms:

  • Ruger Security 9
  • Glock 30S
  • Smith & Wesson M&P Shield .45 ACP
  • Taurus G2C
  • CZ P-07
  • CZP-09
  • Springfield Hellcat and Hellcat OSP
  • Springfield XD Mod 2 45
  • Springfield XDE 9 and 45 

More information on the Reckoning and Micro Reckoning are available at


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9mm, 9x21 mm

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