New for 2020: CrossBreed Hybrid MT2 IWB Holster

posted on January 24, 2020

Alert companies survey their customer base—formally or informally—and adjust their product offerings according to the feedback. These are the companies that stay ahead of the curve. CrossBreed Holsters is one such company that is always innovating with an eye on what customers have asked for or complained about in previous designs.

For SHOT 2020, CrossBreed introduced two semi-new holster designs based on that customer feedback. These are not revolutionary redoes, but it shows that CrossBreed pays attention to the little things. One of the biggest complaints the company gets on a regular basis is a lack of retention adjustment on their most popular models. I’ve complained about it myself in previous reviews. But the new Hybrid MT2 IWB Holster addresses that issue with a strong new offering.

Rather than completely redesigning the holster, this new version builds upon the customer favorite MiniTuck by using the same leather backer/kydex mold combination that made Crossbreed famous and adding its unique hex-key-driven retention system introduced on the Reckoning over a year ago. The system wedges the retention device between the shell and backer and uses a screw operation to push a hard plastic wedge against the bottom of the trigger guard. This variable tension lets the user adjust the retention to the perfect personal preference. Crossbreed also added new adjustment screws to the perimeter of the shell for even more retention. It’s nice to see a company responding to its customers not just slightly, but in a decisive manner.

The new Hybrid MT2 IWB Holster retails on CrossBreed’s site for $72.95 and is available in three leather backer options.


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