First Look: Crossbreed Holsters for Springfield Armory SA-35 Pistol

Crossbreed Holsters announces several fits for Springfield Armory's popular SA-35 pistol.

posted on February 27, 2022
pistol with holster and gun belt

The Springfield Armory SA-35 is a modern interpretation of the classic P-35 handgun that was designed by legendary gun maker John Moses Browning. This new version holds close to the original styling but is infused with modern enhancements such as improved material construction, ergonomics, and overall performance. With classic good looks and old-school foundation, the SA-35 answers the call of those who want a 9mm pistol with the familiarity of a wood and steel firearm.

CrossBreed Holsters is known for making a variety of gear for concealed carry, and now they have a broad range of holsters available for Springfield Armory's  SA-35 9mm pistol, a fresh new take on this iconic handgun.

“CrossBreed is incredibly excited to see Springfield Armory bring such a classic piece of American firearms history back into the spotlight,” said Nathan Engelking, Executive Vice President of Marketing. “The High Power-style pistol has been highly sought after for years, even becoming somewhat of a collector’s item. This has driven an incredible demand that we expect is going to do terrific in today’s firearm market. We are excited to be able to offer holsters for such a great pistol.”

Crossbreed offers several IWB and OWB holster systems for the Springfield Armory SA-35. These choices include the SuperTuck IWB (Inside the Waistband) holster, the SnapSlide OWB (Outside the Waistband) holster, DropSlide OWB holster and magazine carrier, SuperSlide OWB holster, Tuckable IWB magazine carrier, Accomplice magazine carrier and the QLS Accomplice magazine carrier which has been approved by the sanctioning bodies for both IDPA and USPSA-. In addition to these on-body carry solutions, Crossbreed’s hook-and-loop style off-body pistol holsters and magazine carriers are available for the SA-35, such as the Bedside Backup, Pac Mat system, and Ohai systems.

Prices for Crossbreed's lineup of holsters for the SA-35 varies by model. Please visit for more information on what holster might be best for your SA-35 or to view other quality products from Crossbreed.





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