First Look: Comp-Tac Sport-TAC IWB Holster

posted on March 16, 2021

Comp-Tac released the Sport-TAC, a new padded inside the waistband (IWB) holster ideal for concealed carry. The Sport-TAC is designed with a molded foam backing which provides structure, comfort and flexibility when worn at the 4 or 5 o’clock position on your body.

The 600D fabric backing of the holster uses low-density foam for comfort and high-density foam for structure and is molded with channels for added ventilation. The Kydex shell minimizes the collapse of the holster after draw, improving the ease of re-holstering versus all-leather or all-nylon IWB holsters. The holster is tuckable and uses two clips to spread the weight of heavier handgun around your belt. The clips are also adjustable, allowing you to change the cant and ride height.

“Firearms, accessories and technology have changed a lot in the past 20 years,” explained Gordon Carrell, Comp-Tac general manager. “When Comp-Tac started out, Kydex was revolutionary, and Comp-Tac combined it with leather to offer the best of both worlds with comfort and weapon retention. Since then, new materials, technology and user demands have developed. Concealed carry participants are carrying smaller, thinner guns, complete with mounted micro red-dot units. The Sport-TAC is Comp-Tac’s next evolutionary step in providing a CCW holster with the comfort and security that customers need.” 

Sport-TAC Features

  • Kydex shell enables you to easily re-holster
  • Cut for compatibility with slide-mounted red-dot optics
  • Interchangeable Kydex shells allow for carry of multiple guns with one holster
  • Retention screws allow for perfect holster retention adjustment
  • Uses abrasion-resistant, woven-nylon backing for durability
  • Closed-cell foam pads to resist moisture absorption
  • Backing molded with channels to allow for airflow, ventilation and comfort
  • Belt clips are tuckable and can be adjusted for cant and ride height
  • Two belt clips help distribute weight for heavier guns
  • Both right- and left-handed options are available

MSRP for the Comp-Tac Sport-TAC holster is $69.99, and more information on this product and other items from Comp-Tac can be found at



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