First Look: CMMG MkGs Guard in 9mm

posted on November 14, 2017
CMMG introduced its new Guard line of pistol-caliber carbines chambered in .45 ACP early in 2017. Now, the company expanded its lineup with new CMMG MkGs Guard carbines chambered in the popular 9mm.

The new CMMG MkGs Guard carbine in 9mm operates on the same radial-delayed blowback operation found in the company's pistol-caliber carbines chambered in .45 ACP. The novel system was developed by the company in order to provide dependable, consistent performance in a pistol-caliber rifle setup without having to resort to a standard blowback operating system used by other manufacturers.

The issues with a straight-blowback operating system in pistol-caliber carbines is the need for additional weight in the buffer and carrier, which magnifies the recoil impulse of the gun and contributes to excess weight, wear and tear. The radial-delayed blowback operating system allows guns chambered in pistol calibers to use lighter buffers and bolt-carrier groups, enabling CMMG to shave weight and produce a lightweight, easy-to-handle carbine that performs reliably.

All CMMG Guard pistol-caliber carbines are equipped with AR-15-style controls and feed from Glock pistol magazines, differentiating the new Guard series from CMMG's existing Mk9 variants which use Colt-pattern 9mm magazines. A single 33-round Glock OEM magazine is included with the purchase of each MKGs Guard carbine in 9mm. CMMG also designed its Guard with a newly designed bolt-catch linkage that provides last-round bolt hold open and operates with a standard AR bolt-catch spring.

Six different models of the CMMG MkGs Guard carbine are available to consumers, four rifles and two pistols. The rifle models are separated into several tiers, based on different features and add-ons. The base model CMMG MkGs T is equipped with a standard A2 pistol grip and a six-position M4-style butt stock. An A2 compensator is located at the muzzle, and the rifle is equipped with a standard mil-spec trigger.

At the high end of the CMMG MkGs Guard lineup, there's the MkGs DRB2 Guard carbine, equipped with a Magpul MOE pistol grip and CTR stock. At the muzzle, CMMG installed its SV brake for enhanced recoil control, and the gun ships with an installed Geissele SSA drop-in trigger.

The CMMG MkGs PDW pistol models are sold with or without an installed KAK Shockwave pistol brace. Other features of the pistol model includes a Magpul MOE pistol grip, single-stage trigger, A2 muzzle compensator and a CMMG RKM7 handguard.

The suggested retail price on the CMMG MkGs Guard carbine in 9mm starts at $1,299.95.


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