On the Range: CMMG MkG 45 Guard in .45 ACP

posted on May 30, 2017
Watch the range video above to learn more about the CMMG MkG 45 Guard in .45 ACP.

CMMG announced the launch of an innovative new pistol-caliber carbine based on the AR-15 platform in 2017, the release of which was covered in Shooting Illustrated. Called the MkG 45 Guard, the new platform provides users with AR-15-style controls and ergonomics in a carbine chambered in the venerable .45 ACP.

The CMMG MkG 45 Guard in .45 ACP operates on a novel principle that the company calls its Radial Delayed Blowback system. This system uses a unique geometry that slows down bolt rotation enough to allow chamber pressure to decrease to a safe level. Externally, the bolt-carrier group looks much like that found in a standard AR platform. However, there is no gas system bleeding pressure off from the barrel.

The new system brings with it a number of benefits. For one, the CMMG MkG 45 Guard is much lighter than other pistol-caliber carbines on the market, since it does not need excess mass in the BCG to slow down a traditional straight-blowback operating system. This also means that there is less reciprocating mass inside the gun, ensuring that there is less wear and tear on the rifle itself.

The gun features standard AR-style controls, including a last-round bolt hold open. The system still uses a standard bolt-catch spring and has been redesigned from the ground up with a bolt-catch linkage that assures reliable and consistent operation.

The company released five models of the CMMG MkG 45 Guard, providing full-length rifles with a number of different options, such as improved furniture or triggers. The company is also offering PDW rifles, which are equipped with short barrels and are NFA regulated. CMMG also sells the MkG 45 Guard in a pistol configuration, allowing users to use a straight buffer tube or a brace. The company also sells models equipped with a KAK Industries Shockwave pistol brace.

The suggested retail price of the CMMG MkG 45 Guard starts at $1,299.95. For more information, watch the video above.


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