First Look: Cherries Deep-Concealment Holster

posted on August 29, 2017
A popular method of concealed carry today involves the appendix-carry position and the wide range of holsters used for this style of firearm concealment. We at Shooting Illustrated have covered the phenomenon of appendix carry before, but the method is not without some detriments. It is these issues that the innovative Cherries Deep-Concealment Holster works to solve.

Traditional appendix-carry holsters allow the grip of a pistol to remain exposed above the belt line, ensuring that users are able to secure a firm firing grip around their handgun before drawing it from the holster. While this is a necessary element of any good concealed-carry setup, having the grip exposed above the belt line causes a number of issues, in the eyes of the team at Cherries.

First, those who have a bit more weight above the belt line generally find appendix carry untenable, due to the lack of "real estate" available for the grip of their concealed-carry pistol. Second, appendix carry is generally uncomfortable for individuals sitting down, as the exposed handgun grip can dig into the bottom of the rib cage. The third issue, according to the team at Cherries, is that appendix carry leaves too much of the gun exposed, raising the risk that a firearm could work its way out or be grabbed by an assailant during a physical struggle.

The Cherries Deep-Concealment Holster works to resolve these issues through an innovative below-the-waistband design that hides the entire firearm below the waist line. The holster hooks onto a belt loop and features an extended attachment that drops the holster well below the belt, providing enough room to conceal an entire firearm.

This solves several of the issues raised by the use of traditional appendix-carry setups. Users can sit comfortably with the holster, since the gun sits below the pivot point of the body, and those with extra weight won't experience issues with the gun grip getting jammed into their body during normal use. The Cherries Deep-Concealment Holster also features a full-retention design that won't allow a firearm to disengage from the holster from anything less than a deliberate draw.

However, like all holster designs, the Cherries rig requires users to put some extra thought into their daily concealed-carry needs. With the totality of the firearm resting below the waist, obtaining a full, secure firing grip on the gun is difficult. Some users may consider this an adequate trade-off in exchange for the deep concealment offered by the holster. In any case, using the Cherries Deep-Concealment Holster will require a great deal of practice for effective use.


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