I Carry: Glock G19 Gen 5 in a N82 Tactical Holster

posted on December 28, 2018

Welcome to another episode of "I Carry," Shooting Illustrated's weekly video series covering the guns and gear needed to put together a potential everyday-carry kit. Today, we have a Glock G19 Gen 5 in a N82 Tactical holster. We also have a Viridian laser, a North American Rescue Combat Application Tourniquet and a ArachniGrip Slide Spider.

Glock G19 Gen 5

Of course, the Glock G19 is one of those guns that needs no introduction. Since the 1980s, this compact, polymer-frame, double-stack handgun has been a mainstay in military, law-enforcement and consumer circles. The year 2018 brought the fifth generation of these guns to the market, and the latest version has some benefits that firearm fans have come to enjoy.

Probably the most-prominent feature of the Gen 5 guns consumers will notice is the lack of finger grooves at the front of the frame. Finger grooves were a feature found on all Glock handguns since the launch of the Gen 3 models, and many found the grooves to be ill-placed for certain hand sizes. Now, the groove-less design allows for wider accessibility for all hand shapes. Adding to the custom-fit design is the inclusion of interchangeable backstraps, giving Glock owners the chance to fine-tune the shape of the grip frame for their particular hand size.

N82 Tactical Original Tuckable

We’re carrying the Glock G19 Gen 5 in one of N82 Tactical’s Original Tuckable holsters. The company’s tagline tells consumers that their concealed-carry rigs are “built for comfort,” and I can’t argue with that point. Built with a wide, thick back plate made with suede leather, this holster will provide one of the most-comfortable carry experiences you’ll ever have. It’s easy to conceal, too, thanks to the leather-backed belt-clip attachment that pulls away from the holster pocket, allowing wearers to tuck in their shirts over the holstered gun.

However, the comfort comes at the cost of some features that do hinder access, unfortunately. Getting a full firing grip while the gun is holstered can be difficult, since your strong-side thumb must fight its way between the backing plate and gun frame in search of a firm grip. The elastic holster pocket is solidly stitched into place and holds the gun securely, which is good, but that also offers less flexibility when it comes time to get a firm, fast hold on the holstered gun. Additionally, once the gun is drawn, the pocket collapses, requiring users to remove the rig entirely to reholster.

Viridian Reactor5

The reason for the collapsible, Nylon pocket used in this holster is that it allows for the accommodation of the Viridian Reactor5 green laser. Together, this laser-and-holster combination is part of Viridian’s Instant-On technology. Unlike other lasers on the market, the ECR system is triggered with a magnet located inside the holster pocket, which turns the laser off when the gun is holstered and automatically activates the laser once the gun is drawn, giving users one less mechanism to worry about in a potential defensive situation.

Powered by two 1/3N batteries, the laser can run up to 5 hours on strobe mode or three hours with a constant beam.

Combat Application Tourniquet

A concealed-carry pistol like the Glock G19 Gen 5 is a response to a litany of “What if?” situations. Well, here’s one more for you to consider. What if you get shot? Or someone you know gets shot? Are you prepared to deal with it? If not, adding a compact Combat Application Tourniquet is an option worth considering. As medical science continues to highlight the benefits of immediate tourniquet application, more and more prepared individuals are adding this to a pack or pocket that can be easily accessed, if needed. Just like a concealed-carry gun, you should only consider carrying one if you’re willing to learn its proper use and train in how to apply it.

ArachniGrip Slide Spider

For our final accessory, we’re going back to our Glock G19 Gen 5 and adding a simple, inexpensive add-on that makes this already-utilitarian handgun even better-equipped for tough conditions. ArachniGrip produces its Slide Spider, a rough, adhesive material cut to match the serrations and contours located at the rear of the slide. This provides an incredibly tactile surface that provides increased grip on a larger area of the slide. Plus, there are neat, little personalizations available, like the American Flag motif seen on this example.


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