I Carry: Walther PPS M2 in a Clinger V2 Stingray Holster

posted on December 22, 2017

Welcome to another episode of "I Carry," Shooting Illustrated's weekly video series covering the guns and gear needed to put together an ideal everyday-carry kit. Today, we have a Walther Arms PPS M2 pistol in a Clinger Holsters V2 Stingray holster. We also have a DeSantis Gunhide Econobelt, a Clinger Holsters Mag Holster, a Kershaw Eris folding knife and an Elzetta Alpha A313 flashlight.

Gun: Walther Arms PPS M2 ($469) 

Walther rolled out its PPS M2 in early 2016, providing the U.S. market with a slim, striker-fired 9mm handgun equipped with the push-button magazine release that American shooters seem to love. In addition to the push-button release, the PPS M2 also features the company’s signature ergonomics, providing owners with a comfortable, secure grip, thanks to an improved texture and gentle finger grooves.

One of the stand-out elements of the PPS M2 is its thin, 1-inch profile, making for an incredibly concealable gun. Its carry potential is also heightened by the gun’s light 21.1 ounce weight with an empty magazine. A flush-fit magazine provides the gun with 6 rounds, while 7- and 8-round extended magazines are also available.

The Holster: Clinger Holsters V2 Stingray ($49.99)

I paired up the PPS M2 with the V2 Stingray from Clinger Holsters, designed to provide a low-profile, comfortable holster option for strong-side or appendix carry. The all-Kydex construction is form-fitted to the contours of the PPS to ensure a solid friction-retention lock.

The V2 Stingray, while small, is packed with features, including a sweat shield to separate the gun from a wearer’s skin. The holster is fully adjustable for cant and retention and attaches to the belt via a wide polymer belt clip. The holster also includes a tall sight channel and wide opening to facilitate reholstering and also covers the push-button mag release to prevent accidental activation.

Mag Carrier: Clinger Mag Holster ($19.99)

A spare magazine is a must for any defensive setup, and Clinger has you covered there, too, with its line of Mag Holsters. These carriers are purpose-built for concealment, riding close to the body and featuring a minimalist design that doesn’t draw attention. Magazine retention is fully adjustable, and the Mag Holster can be used effectively on either side of the body.

Flashlight: Elzetta Alpha A313 ($155)

End your EDC-flashlight search by building your own with Elzetta! This particular model is the company’s single-cell Alpha model, which is outfitted with a crenellated strike bezel and a high-low tailcap switch. If you prefer a different setup, Elzetta offers different bezel rings, lens designs and tailcap-switch options to fit your needs. The maximum output of the company’s Alpha light is 415 lumens.

Knife: Kershaw Eris ($69.99)

An everyday-carry knife should ride comfortably in a pocket and deploy quickly and easily when needed. The Kershaw Eris works perfectly, thanks to its smooth, attractive handles made from stainless steel. The knife operates with Kershaw’s SpeedSafe assisted-opening mechanism, so the blade locks into place fast with firm pressure applied to the flipper. Blade length is 3 inches, and the weight of the knife is 4.7 ounces.

Belt: DeSantis Gunhide Econobelt ($28.99)

Holding this rig together is the DeSantis Econobelt, developed as an inexpensive option for NYPD officers. This budget-friendly option works with a wide range of carry kits, securing any rig with a thick combination of bonded leather and synthetic materials, all without breaking the bank. The belt is only available in black and is equipped with a powder-coated black buckle.


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