I Carry: Springfield Armory TRP Operator 10 mm in a Blade-Tech Holster

posted on February 23, 2018

Welcome to another episode of "I Carry," Shooting Illustrated's weekly video series covering the guns and gear needed to put together a potential everyday-carry kit. Today, we have a Springfield Armory 1911 TRP Operator 10 mm in a Blade-Tech Total Eclipse belt holster. We also have an Elzetta Bravo B343 flashlight, a Vedder Holsters Cobra Quick-Release gun belt, a Bear Edge Model 61102 knife and a Galco Gunleather DMP Double Mag Paddle magazine carrier.

Gun: Springfield Armory 1911 TRP Operator 10mm ($1,790) 

While it might not seem like an obvious choice for a carry-ready kit, this Springfield Armory TRP Operator checks a number of boxes for niche uses, particularly thanks to its powerful 10mm Auto chambering. This makes it an option for nearly any conceivable personal-defense situation, whether in the home or in the back country.

Stand-out highlights of this beefy semi-auto include an integrated frame rail ready for light and laser accessories, durable and aggressively textured G10 grips made by VZ Grips and tactical-ledge rear sights that allow for racking off a flat surface, like the edge of a belt or table.

Recoil energy is managed by a number of factors, including the gun’s 40-ounce weight and the use of an optimized recoil spring. Barrel length measures 5 inches long and the gun has a magazine capacity of eight rounds.

The Holster: Blade-Tech Total Eclipse Holster ($49.99)

Carrying the 10mm TRP Operator in the Blade-Tech Total Eclipse holster allows for an added range of versatility, thanks to the multiple carry combinations offered by this design. The holster keeps the gun secure with the friction-retention and positive lock produced by the precision-molded contours.

The rig is set up for outside-the-waistband carry currently, but with the company’s included conversion kit, it can be easily set up for inside-the-waistband use. Further flexibility is also offered through adjustable cant and retention options, and the dual sweat guards provide protection for your gun against sweat and moisture.

The Mag Carrier: Galco Gunleather DMP Double Mag Paddle ($70)

We chose the Double Mag Paddle from Galco to complement this carry kit with two eight-round, single stack magazines. The DMP is fully ambidextrous and is made using a combination of a saddle-leather bucket paired with a durable polymer paddle complete with a belt-lock ledge to secure it into place. Magazine-retention is also fully adjustable with two retention screws.

The Flashlight: Elzetta Bravo B343 ($215)

Sometimes, choosing the right flashlight for daily use can be overwhelming, since there are so many options on the market. Elzetta eases the process by allowing consumers to build their own light from the ground up. This is the company’s two-cell Bravo light, which features a maximum output of 650 lumens and gives buyers the choice of a lens type, bezel design and tailcap setup.

The Knife: Bear Ops Bear Edge 61102 ($59.99)

Offering consumers a durable, affordable daily-carry knife that’s made in America, the Bear Ops Bear Edge features a taper-ground blade made from 440 stainless steel. The scales are machined from durable G10 fiberglass-laminate material, and the knife also features a reversible pocket clip and an easy-open thumb stud. Blade length measures 3.375 inches and total weight is 3.1 ounces.

The Belt: Vedder Cobra Quick Release Gun Belt ($59.99)

Keeping this entire carry rig anchored to the waist is Vedder’s new Cobra Quick-Release Gun Belt. Unlike other Cobra-buckle belts on the market, this sturdy setup incorporates a micro-sized buckle that can be threaded through traditional 1.5-inch pant loops. The belt is made from stiff nylon webbing that won’t buckle under a heavy load like this 40-ounce handgun.


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