First Look: Burris XTR III Riflescopes

posted on February 6, 2019
Purpose-built for today's precision-rifle shooters and a growing market of long-range competitors, Burris Optics developed its Xtreme Tactical III lineup of riflescopes with a host of features designed to enhance long-range rifle platforms. In particular, the new optics come outfitted with internal enhancements, offering improved reticles and fields of view, ensuring precision shooters can quickly and easily engage targets at distance.

Built at the company's Greeley, CO, facility, two models of Burris XTR III riflescopes are offered in 2019, both built on larger, 34 mm main-body tubes that enhance the overall strength of the optic and provide increased adjustment range. Consumers can choose between 3.3-18x50 mm or 5.5-30x50 mm options. The 3.3-18X model, in particular, features 120 MOA of elevation adjustment, giving owners of rifles chambered in 6.5 Creedmoor the chance to put rounds on target at more than a mile away by dialing. Both optics also feature parallax-adjustment knobs that allow users to re-focus their reticles for close-in shots.

Other enhancements found on the new Burris XTR III riflescope include a smaller eyepiece signature and an enlarged eye box, both of which work to improve field-of-view, focus depth and light transmission. The new lineup is available with four different reticle designs in both MOA and MIL adjustments, along with matching adjustment units on both windage and elevation turrets. All four reticles are placed in the first focal plane, ensuring that accurate, in-reticle adjustments can be made at any magnification level. One new reticle design in particular is Burris' Special Competition 2 MIL reticle, filled with a "Christmas tree"-style design that allows for windage and elevation adjustments on the fly, as well as improved communication with shot spotters.

Each Burris XTR III riflescope also features increased turret diameters, as well as the company's own Aggressive Dragon Scale texturing, both elements designed to enhance the tactile engagement between a shooter's fingers and turret adjustments. The improved surface texturing ensures that, even in wet environments or with gloved hands, fast, easy adjustments can be made. The optics also feature locking diopter rings to avoid accidental adjustments that can occur during use in rugged environments.

Also included in the XTR III lineup is the company's M.A.D. windage system, offering three different turret options for the windage knob. Users can run with a capped turret, an exposed, tactical-style turret or a blend of both extremes. An optional "race dial" is also available, designed particularly for PRS and NRL competition. This specially developed turret features a surface height of 0.75 inch, enabling shooters to place a clear piece of Scotch tape on the dial to write temporary adjustments.

Depending on the model selected, the Burris XTR III riflescopes weigh in at 29.8 or 32 ounces and have an overall length of 13.3 or 15.4 inches. Turret-adjustment values are measured either in 1/10 MIL or 1/4 MOA. The suggested retail price on the Burris XTR III 3.3-18x50 mm optic is $2,039, and the 5.5-30x50 mm option retails for $2,159.


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