First Look: Brownell’s BRN 180 SH AR Upper Receiver

A short barreled 300 BLK upper that's ideal to run with a suppressor

posted on March 22, 2023
BRN 180 300 upper

Brownells, Inc. is well-known in the firearms industry giant for distributing ammunition, gun parts, complete firearms and other accessories for a wide variety of manufacturers. The company also manufactures guns and gun parts under its own name and has now unveiled the new suppressor optimized BRN-180 SH upper receiver at the IWA Outdoor Classics trade show recently held in Nuremberg, Germany.

The BRN-180 SH is chambered for the .300 Blackout, a caliber popular for use with shorter barrels and suppressors. This new upper is built with a 10.5 inch barrel that includes industry standard for .30-cal 5/8 x 24 tpi threads. The BRN-180 SH’s gas system includes three settings, suppressed, unsuppressed and off. The gas cut-off setting allows the upper to function as single shot straight pull “bolt action” rifle and makes the carbine as quiet as it can be, since the extra noise from gasses escaping through the bolt carrier or the ejection port are eliminated. To help the shooter cycle cartridges while shooting with the upper in the “off” position, the BRN-180 SH’s charging even tilts down to line up perfectly as a straight-pull charging handle, otherwise, it sits in the same position as any other AR-15's handle.

The BRN-180 SH’s upper receiver itself has a flat top Picatinny rail in addition to an M-Lok based handguard (which is also equipped with Picatinny slots along its top dorsal position). The 10.5 .300 Blackout barrel also come standard with a modified version of the classic M-16A2 “birdcage” flashider.

Like all other Brownells BRN-180 uppers, the BRN-180 SH fits onto any standard AR-15 or BRN-180 lower receiver. Because of its piston based operating gas system, these uppers do not require any buffers or receiver extensions to cycle. Moreover, unlike a traditionally configured AR-15 rifle, BRN-180 and 180 SHs can fully cycle with a folded stock, or with no stock at all.

The retail price for the Brownells BRN-180 SH complete upper receiver starts at $999. Please visit for more information.


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