SHOT Show 2019 Guns: SIG Sauer's New Rattlers

posted on January 25, 2019
While pistol-caliber carbines are clearly the new hotness at SHOT 2019, SIG Sauer has been bringing some heat of their own with the company's MPX and MCX modular rifles. The compact MCX family, in particular, has some fun new additions in the Rattler and Rattler CaneBrake.

The SIG MCX platform was originally created to meet the demands of the US Special Operations community, including the ability to tailor weapons configurations to mission-specific requirements. That flexible design thinking is obvious in the civilian-market MCX guns, setting the stage for the introduction of the ultra-compact Rattler and Rattler CaneBrake guns.

The ridiculously short Rattler is available in both SBR (short-barreled rifle) and “pistol” configuration, with just barely enough room on the hand guard for my size-L hands. Looking at my hand position vs the flash hider on this wee beastie made me wish for an integral hand stop on the guard, because it seems like it would be all too easy to end up with a nice flash or contact burn.
There’s an easy solution to this, if you’re willing to give up the short-bus length of the Rattler: the Rattler CaneBrake, which comes with a longer hand guard and a definitely-not-a-suppressor “inert training device." Whether you live in a suppressor-friendly state or not, the CaneBrake seems like a winner, especially where blast/concussion and tinnitus are concerned.

If you’re shooting a rifle-caliber gun with a barrel as short as that in the Rattler, it’s time to think seriously about choosing a gun chambered 300 Blackout, and fortunately that’s an option for the Rattler and CaneBrake. The alternative is getting a free mini flashbang a foot from your face with every 5.56 round fired, which isn’t my idea of fun.

The MCX Rattler is available now in both SBR rifle and “pistol” form using the new SIG PCV brace starting at about $2700 MSRP. Pricing for the MCX Rattler CaneBrake has not been announced officially but is expected to be modestly more than the base Rattler guns.


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