First Shots: Davidson's Exclusive G19X MOS

Custom touches, straight from dealership.

posted on January 24, 2024

The Glock G19X is a product of the military's 2015 Modular Handgun System trials, which sought to find a replacement for the Beretta M9. The military settled on two versions of SIG Sauer's P320, and Glock's entry morphed into the G19X. At its heart, the G19X is a Gen 5 Glock G19 slide married to a Gen 5 G17 grip. However, as we found out in our 2018 review of the gun, there are a few quirks to be found in this pistol. The grip is slightly longer than a stock Gen 5 G17 and the grip angle is slightly different than a stock G19.

This new version of the G19X MOS, available exclusively through Davidson’s Gallery Of Guns, adds even more touches of flair. The “MOS” means that this gun can easily mount an adapter plate for a red dot sight on the slide. A stock G19X has three dot sights on top of the slide, which many people find to be an upgrade from the “ball and basket” sights found on a G19. The Davidson’s model, however, takes this one step further and adds Ameriglo suppressor-height sights. This allows you to co-witness your iron sights with your dot if you’ve mounted a red dot sight on your pistol. It also means that your sights will be visible if you are running a suppressor on your gun.

Speaking of suppressors, this pistol has a threaded barrel instead of the standard flush-fitting barrel of a stock G19X MOS, which allows you to easily add a suppressor or other muzzle device to this pistol. Just like a stock G19x MOS, this pistol ships with one 17-round magazine and two 19-round magazines and comes in hard plastic case.

MSRP for Davidson’s exclusive G19X MOS is $819.89, and more information on this pistol can be found at


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