First Look: Bone-Dri 2.0 Handgun Case

Rust and moisture can ruin your guns. Keep them safe with this new protective case.

posted on March 23, 2022
Bone-Dri Handgun Case 2.0

Bone-Dri is known for making award-winning moisture-absorbing gun cases, and now they are introducing the new Bone-Dri 2.0 Handgun Case. Rhe Handgun 2.0 Case stores and is engineered with advanced materials to wick away moisture and protects your firearms from rust.

“Rust is devastating to your firearms,” said Romney Williams, CEO of Bone-Dri. “Whereas other handgun cases are simply good for storage and transport, the Bone-Dri 2.0 Handgun Case ensures peace of mind that your everyday carry, sport shooting, or hunting handgun will properly dry out and remain rust-free even after exposure to wet or humid conditions that are so common on a hunt or at the range.”

Humidity and moisture can affect the performance of your gun, cause rust, and can make it difficult to clean your guns. Bone-Dri cases are engineered with a patented moisture-removal material called Absorbits to store and protect your firearms from rust after exposure to moisture.

The 2.0 Handgun Case weighs 1.69 pounds and is constructed with heavy-duty industrial 800D PVC nylon and lockable mil-spec zipper sliders. The handgun case is solidly built to withstand heavy-duty wear and tear and is guaranteed for life.

2.0 Handgun Case Features:

  • Holds 2 handguns up to 1911 size, along with 5 magazines and a tool kit
  • Works in conjunction with gun oil to keep your handguns clean, dry, and lubricated
  • Absorbits material draws moisture from handguns’ inner mechanisms to prevent rust
  • Doubles as a utility and storage case
  • Durable construction with heavy-duty industrial 800D PVC nylon
  • MOLLE-compatible
  • Built-in hook and loop panel for your favorite patches
  • Dimensions: 16 inches x 10 inches x 1.8 inches
  • Weight: 1.69 pounds 

The Bone-Dri 2.0 Handgun Case joins other products such as the Dual Rifle Case, Big Shuug Shotgun Sleeve, Shotgun & Rifle Case, Gun & Ammo Bag, Range & Tool Bag, and Small Electronics Rescue Pouch. MSRP for the 2.0 Handgun Case is $57.99, and for more information on this product, please visit


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