First Look: AG Composites Bottom Metal

Available in two models for both long and short actions.

posted on March 13, 2024
Bottom Metal

AG Composites is now offering aftermarket bottom metal for its custom manufactured stocks.

Currently AG Composites is offering two basic configurations of bottom metal: The AG M5 and the AG BDL. The AG M5 Bottom Metal is made from 6061 aluminum, has a black anodized finish and only weighs 2.5 ounces for short-action rifles, while long-action versions weigh 3.9 ounces. The AG M5 is designed for use with AICS magazines, and AG Composites recommends using Magpul, MDT, AI mags and Hawkins Hunter DBM magazines with this accessory.

The AG BDL Bottom Metal has an M5 inlet, allowing the user to change from a hinged floor plate to a detachable bottom metal without having to modify the stock. It is also carefully crafted from 6061 aluminum, has a black anodized finish and weighs just 2.5 ounces (short action) and 2.6 ounces (long action). A magazine box, spring and follower are not included. Like the AG M5, the AG BDL is also black anodized and is made from 6061 aluminum.

Bottom Metal is a term that refers to all parts and structures that belong underneath the action of a bolt action rifle. These may include but aren’t limited to the trigger guard, a detachable magazine system or an internal box magazine system. Bottom metal from rifle to rifle will vary depending on that rifle's intended design and use.

Both the new AG Composites M5 and BDL bottom metal sets have a standard retail price of $199. However, AG Composites will offer any customer $50 off when they purchase either bottom metal in conjunction with one of AG Composite’s custom rifle stocks for their action. To learn more about AG Composites, its stocks and new bottom metals, please visit


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