First Look: 6mm Creedmoor AR-10s from POF USA

Reach out and touch something with the long-range 6mm Creedmoor cartridge.

posted on November 17, 2022
POF 6mm rifles

Patriot Ordnance Factory, (also known as POF), based in Phoenix, Arizona is now unveiling two new 6mm Creedmoor chambering options for its Prescott and Revolution AR-10 pattern precision rifles.

The 6mm Prescott and Revolution rifles are built around freefloating 22-inch barrels that are intended to provide accuracy for hunters, precision rifle competitors and long distance shooters alike. Both rifles have a 14½-inch freefloat MMR rail, a 1:8-inch twist rate barrel and come standard with POF’s in house factory single stage match trigger.

“The 6mm Creedmoor was designed for use in not only bolt action rifles but also semi-auto platforms, so adding this impressive chamber offering to both the Revolution and Prescott lines only made sense” stated Jeremy Selting, Vice President of Sales and Marketing, POF-USA. “If a customer is looking for a long-range and light-weight hunting rifle then look no further than the 6mm Creedmoor Prescott. When a customer is looking for a highly accurate rifle with low felt recoil then the 6mm Revolution could be a better fit. Either way, POF-USA has a 6mm Creedmoor solution that will excel at the task,” continued Selting.

The 6mm Creedmoor cartridge is an off-shoot of its larger and slightly older more famous sibling, the 6.5 Creedmoor cartridge. Both cartridges share the same case dimensions and shoulder geometry with the difference being that the 6mm is obviously necked down from .264 inches to .243 inches. 6mm Creedmoor is often directly compared against both the 6.5 Creedmoor and the venerable .243 Winchester, which has been an essential caliber for American hunters for a long time. The 6mm Creedmoor was created with ballistic efficiency in mind in order to send long, sleek, high ballistic-coefficient projectiles further out while staying flat.

For more information about Patriot Ordnance Factory’s new 6mm Creedmoor rifles, please visit their website at



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