Bull Hill Training Ranch Hosts Freedom Has a Face Charity Event

posted on February 15, 2017
Bull Hill Training Ranch, based in Kettle Falls, WA, is sponsoring the Freedom Has a Face Historical Shootout charity event, where shooter teams will reenact historical battles in order to benefit the Freedom Has a Face Foundation.

The event is an all-inclusive weekend of shooting for civilians, military and law-enforcement shooters. Each team consists of two shooters, and the teams will compete in different courses of fire using authentic firearms that fit the time period in question. The historical battles reenacted range from WWII to modern-day engagements in the War on Terror.

Firearms and ammunition will be provided, and competitors will receive firearms familiarization at each stage, along with a chance to confirm zero and examine the range to gather data before the competition begins. In addition, shooters will have an additional chance to familiarize themselves with historical firearms on the initial sign-in day, ensuring that all participants have ample time to understand the firearms used.

The entry fee also provides for lodging and meals. There are sponsorship opportunities that allow sponsored shooters to stay in designated cabins on the ranch's property. All other competitors will stay inside of a heated indoor airplane hanger 0.5 mile from the ranch, where music, drinks and food will be provided. Participants will have room to pitch tents or set up communal sleeping areas.

Bull Hill Training Ranch will also provide meals. Dinner is provided on Thursday for arriving guests. Friday and Saturday will see breakfast, lunch and dinner available, along with snacks available all day. Breakfast and lunch will be provided on Sunday. In addition to meals, an unlimited number of beverages will be available to all participants.

The event benefits the Freedom Has a Face Foundation, which has a mission "to inspire and connect individuals of this great nation with the memory of those killed in action." The foundation works to meet the needs of families of fallen troops, and it also works to keep the memory of fallen loved ones alive. One such action included leading a team to the top of Mt. McKinley, AK, to lay the names of 11 fallen U.S. Army Rangers on the summit.

For an individual participant, the entry fee is $450. The event also has a number of sponsorship opportunities available, starting at $3,000. Amenities include lodging at cabin facilities, cookhouse meals and billing on promotional materials for the event.

To register for the event, sign up on the Bull Hill Training Ranch website here. Those interested in the Freedom Has a Face Foundation can also donate at this link.


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