6 Patriotic American Flag Guns

posted on July 4, 2021

Nobody understands and appreciates our freedom and independence more than gun owners. Thanks to us and those who came before us, we continue to hold that freedom and independence sacred today. Which is why it’s fitting to honor the Declaration of Independence and the great nation it founded with a collection of star-spangled firearms specially decorated for just such an occasion.

The firearms featured below are a collection of high- and low-priced choices from a range of manufacturers.

Henry Stand for the Flag Edition .22 LR

From the company best known for their all-American-made repeating rifles comes the Stand for the Flag .22 LR lever action. With a 20-inch octagon blued steel barrel, nickel-plated receiver and buttplate finish, fully adjustable semi-buckhorn rear sight with diamond insert and bead front sight, this rifles checks all the boxes for a classic plinker, hunter, or collector firearm. The extra box it checks is ultra-patriotic, with the American flag poly-ceramic overlaid on the receiver, removing all doubt about your love of country. MSRP: $1,296

American Legacy Firearms Stars and Stripes Limited Edition .45-70 Rifle

America has a ton of great history for such a relatively young country. From the Revolutionary War that gained us our independence to the first landing on the moon and many other historical events, we are a storied country known for innovation and bravery. American Legacy Firearms reminds us of this history with the limited-edition Stars and Strips .45-70 rifle. How limited-edition is it? There will only be 50 made of each state, for a totally of 2,500 for the entire run. And once they are gone, they are gone. That includes a 24K gold finish to this collector masterpiece. MSRP: $2,995

Ruger PC Carbine Flag Series

Part of the Flag Series Ruger introduced in 2019 that includes two rifles and a pistol, this special edition PC Carbine draped in a Ruger’s proprietary “American Flag Camo” shares all the functional characteristics with its plainer siblings, including takedown function and full-length handguard, but shows where your loyalties lie in its patriotic theme from muzzle to stock. Chambered in 9 mm Luger, the PC Carbine ships with Ruger Security 9 magazines and a quick-swap special mag well sleeve that accepts double stack Glock magazines. MSRP: $869

Hi-Point 995 and 4595 Special Edition Grand Union Flag Model Carbines

Ohio-based Hi-Point shows its patriotic pride with the 995 and 4595 Grand Union special edition carbines available in 9 mm and .45 ACP, respectively. While the carbine is not new to Hi-Point, a company long known for inexpensive handguns, this special edition marks the first time the company has added a decorative finish to their firearms. Each 995 and 4595 carbine is hydro-dipped in a special American flag pattern. Both models come with an all-weather polymer skeletonized stock and internal recoil buffer, fully adjustable sights, Picatinny rails for optics or accessory mounting, thumb magazine release, manual safety, and include a sling and sling swivels. MSRP: $299

SIG Sauer “We the People” 1911

Some would argue that aside from the musket, no other firearms symbolizes America better than the venerable 1911, the standard military sidearm that served in two world wars and various conflicts through the mid-1980s. SIG Sauer added to that legacy with the “We the People” that carries over all the class 1911-style design complimented with a 50-star textured grip, “1776” and “We the People” etched into the slide, and a distressed overall look as a throwback to the history of what makes America great. MSRP: $1,299

Charter Arms Old Glory .38 Special

Charter Arms proves that even a snub-nose .38 Special can hold its own in the patriotic department. This five-shot double-action beauty starts with a standard Charter Arms Undercover aluminum frame but then add a distinctly American color scheme with a star-spangled 2-inch barrel in front of a red and white frame with a cylinder cleverly cerakoted with wavy stripes that line up perfectly each time the it rotates for the next shot. MSRP: $478.80


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